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About our journals

At Medknow we publish peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

  • The majority of our journals are indexed with leading bibliographic databases including Science Citation Index, PubMed, EMBASE, CAB Abstracts, SCOPUS, Chemical Abstracts and many others.
  • Most of our journals are archived at a number of sites, including open access compliant e-print repositories and sites such as Bioline International (www.bioline.org.br) and Clockss (www.clockss.org.br)
  • All the journals are searchable from a single interface on these sites.
  • All our journals use the OpenURL standard, making it easy for libraries to link users directly from citation to the full text of the article.
  • MARC records of our journals are available from CUFTS.
Benefits to subscribers
  • You’ll find easy access to PDF files for articles
  • You can read the online version of articles in back issues
  • We provide free access to e-books of back issues
  • You’ll also receive free access to the entire archive
Please refer to the terms and conditions listed below.

Subscription details:
  1. Please send your payment via bank draft to "Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai", or pay online by wire transfer or credit card link.
  2. We require pre-payment for new subscriptions.
  3. Subscriptions are available for a whole volume (January to December) only.
  4. Claims for missing issues can only be made within one month of publication date.
  5. When making a claim, please include the invoice number as our reference number. Please allow a minimum of one week for us to respond to your claim.
  6. Subscription agents’ discount: 5%. Ordered copies will be sent directly to the end user.
  7. There is no refund on cancellations.
  8. For individual / non-institutional subscriptions, please provide a photocopy of your degree certificate or a proof of the academic / hospital affiliation.
  9. For individual / non-institutional subscriptions, the cheque should be drawn from the individual’s bank account and no DD is permitted.
  10. Subscribers' copies are usually sent by courier / registered post. Therefore please do not send us a PO Box address.
  11. Journal copies are not available for sale from the publisher's office.
  12. The subscription charges are for the print edition of the journal and are not linked to online access, which is free for most journals.
  13. Rates and conditions are subject to change. At the time of receipt of your order, the latest rates and conditions are applicable.