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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2011| May-June  | Volume 43 | Issue 3  

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The temporal and challenging faces of integration in medical education: The fate of pharmacology p. 227
Francis I Achike
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Role of zinc in pediatric diarrhea p. 232
Chaitali Bajait, Vijay Thawani
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Promising molecular targeted therapies in breast cancer p. 236
Radha Munagala, Farrukh Aqil, Ramesh C Gupta
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Heavy metals and living systems: An overview p. 246
Reena Singh, Neetu Gautam, Anurag Mishra, Rajiv Gupta
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Hepatoprotective activity of Leptadenia reticulata stems against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats p. 254
Amit Kumar Nema, Abhinav Agarwal, Varsha Kashaw
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Adverse drug reaction profile of oseltamivir in Indian population: A prospective observational study p. 258
Ashish P Anovadiya, Manish J Barvaliya, Rajesh A Shah, Vishal M Ghori, Jayesh J Sanmukhani, Tejas K Patel, CB Tripathi
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A comparative study of the pharmacokinetics of traditional and automated dosing/blood sampling systems using gabapentin p. 262
Bijay Aryal, Kim Tae-Hyun, Kim Yoon-Gyoon, Kim Hyung-Gun
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Pharmacodynamic interaction study of Allium sativum (garlic) with cilostazol in patients with type II diabetes mellitus p. 270
AA Mateen, P Usha Rani, M. U. R. Naidu, E Chandrashekar
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Pre and post-interventional pattern of self medication in three common illnesses in staff of a tertiary hospital p. 275
S Bang, Smita Sontakke, Vijay Thawani
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In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities of the aqueous extract of Celosia argentea leaves p. 278
SO Malomo, A Ore, MT Yakubu
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Alcoholic leaf extract of Plectranthus amboinicus regulates carbohydrate metabolism in alloxan-induced diabetic rats p. 286
BC Koti, Aparna Gore, A. H. M. Thippeswamy, A. H. M. Viswanatha Swamy, Rucha Kulkarni
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Protective effect of ethyl acetate fraction of Rhododendron arboreum flowers against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in experimental models p. 291
Neeraj Verma, Anil P Singh, G Amresh, PK Sahu, Ch V Rao
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Effect of piperine in the regulation of obesity-induced dyslipidemia in high-fat diet rats p. 296
Shreya S Shah, Gaurang B Shah, Satbeer D Singh, Priyanshi V Gohil, Kajal Chauhan, Khyati A Shah, Mehul Chorawala
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Effects of citral, a naturally occurring antiadipogenic molecule, on an energy-intense diet model of obesity p. 300
Tamonud Modak, Abhilash Mukhopadhaya
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Acceptability and safety profile of oral and sublingual misoprostol for uterine evacuation following early fetal demise p. 306
Devendra Singh Kushwah, Beenu Kushwah, Mohd Tariq Salman, VK Verma
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Improvement in endothelial dysfunction in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus with N-acetylcysteine and atorvastatin p. 311
Jyothsna Kudaravalli
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Role of the Rosa canina L. leaf extract as an antidiarrheal drug in rodents p. 316
Rajesh J Mandade, Avijit Choudhury, Amol Harsulkar, Ravikiran Wakade
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In vitro evaluation on the antioxidant capacity of triethylchebulate, an aglycone from Terminalia chebula Retz fruit p. 320
Xiuping Chen, Fangyun Sun, Lifeng Ma, Jinhua Wang, Hailin Qin, Guanhua Du
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Nitric oxide modulation in protective role of antidepressants against chronic fatigue syndrome in mice p. 324
Anil Kumar, Ruchika Garg, Vaibhav Gaur, Puneet Kumar
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Effect of alcohol on blood glucose and antioxidant enzymes in the liver and kidney of diabetic rats p. 330
KR Shanmugam, K Mallikarjuna, K Sathyavelu Reddy
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Antiulcer and antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of Passiflora foetida L. p. 336
R Sathish, Alok Sahu, K Natarajan
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Studies on the activity of Cyperus rotundus Linn. tubers against infectious diarrhea p. 340
Poonam G Daswani, S Brijesh, Pundarikakshudu Tetali, Tannaz J Birdi
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Drug use in pregnancy: Knowledge of drug dispensers and pregnant women in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania p. 345
Appolinary Kamuhabwa, Rashida Jalal
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Ageusia as a side effect of clopidogrel treatment p. 350
Kamilia Ksouda, Hanen Affes, Boutheyna Hammami, Zouheir Sahnoun, Rim Atheymen, Serria Hammami, Khaled Mounir Zeghal
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Immune reconstitution and inflammatory syndrome due to disseminated tuberculosis in a case of human immunodeficiency virus 2 infection p. 352
M. V. S. Subbalaxmi, A Krishna Prasad, M Shetty, VR Srinivasan
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Acute hepatic failure due to yellow phosphorus ingestion p. 355
Anupama Mauskar, Kunal Mehta, Leena Nagotkar, Preeti Shanbag
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Effect of potassium channel openers on intraocular pressure in rabbits p. 357
Jyoti Kaushal, MC Gupta, Sarita Goyal, Savita Verma
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Are drugs prescribed rationally and according to standard guidelines in India? p. 358
Ravindra S Beedimani
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Authors' reply p. 359
Somu Shivbalan, M Sathiyasekeran, K Thomas
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Comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of telmisartan and enalapril in patients of mild to moderate essential hypertension p. 360
Lekha Saha
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Authors' reply p. 360
Pramod B Akat, Tushar R Bapat, Mangala B Murthy, Vitthal B Karande, Shreyas R Burute
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Polypill--Friend or Foe? p. 361
Rakesh Kumar Rishi
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Biogenerics: Are we ready to take safety challenges in India? p. 362
Salil Budhiraja, Raghuram Akinapel
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Empirical use of antituberculosis drugs should not be equated to their inappropriate and indiscriminate use p. 363
Ramesh Kumar
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Changing trend in the use of antimicrobials over ten years in a tertiary care hospital p. 365
Vishal Bansal, Bikash Medhi, Vinu Jose, P Pandhi
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