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Indian Journal of Otology

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2018| April-June  | Volume 24 | Issue 2  

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Dysmorphic features and cochlear implantation outcome in children with sensorineural hearing loss; the headmost study p. 75
Susan Amirsalari, Shahla Afsharpayman, Mohammad Ajalloueyan, Jaber Rasuli, Amin Saburi, Mohammad Torkaman
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A prospective, observational study of incidence of sensory neural hearing loss in diabetes mellitus patients p. 80
Swati Dadhich, Sushil G Jha, Vikas Sinha, TU Samanth
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Determinants of holistic outcome in traumatic tympanic membrane perforation p. 83
Hemant Ahluwalia, Prem Narain, Arunabh Ahluwalia, Jaypal Singh, Ajay Singh
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Effectiveness of multitalker babble over speech noise and its implications: A comparative study p. 88
Archana Gundmi, P Himaja, Alisha Dhamani
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Clinical features of preauricular sinus and recurrence rate of supra-auricular approach p. 91
O Song-Hwan, In-Kyo So, Jin-Ho Kim
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Influence of mastoid drilling on otoacoustic emissions of the nonoperated ear p. 95
Sherien Badarudeen, Mubeena , Gangadhara Somayaji
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Effect of below-damage-risk criteria environmental noise on auditory perception and working memory p. 98
Sandeep Maruthy, G Nike Gnanateja, Preethi C Chengappa, Sam A Publius, Varsha M Athreya
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Role of cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in evaluating vestibular dysfunction in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus: A prospective institutional study p. 105
Sitaramaraju Kanumuri, Krishna Vemuru Chaitanya, Janardhan Nara, K Vasu Kumar Reddy
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Measurement of speech in noise abilities in laboratory and real-world noise p. 109
Bhanu Shukla, B Srinivasa Rao, Udit Saxena, Himanshu Verma
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Osteomyelitis of temporal bone: A case report of a rare disease p. 114
Bigyan Raj Gyawali, Pabina Rayamajhi
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Double-Peak tympanometry in keratosis obturans p. 117
Azliana Aziz, Mohd Khairi Md Daud
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Papular mycosis fungoides: Three case reports and a comprehensive literature review p. 120
Jingcheng Zhang, Mingzhe Zhao, Huixian Hu
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The inferior “transposition flap” in meatal nevus p. 123
Manish Munjal, Archana Arora, Amanjeet Singh, Porshia Rishi
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A therapeutic approach of isolated suppurative labyrinthitis complicated by meningitis p. 125
Erika Celis-Aguilar, Lucero Escobar-Aispuro, Jose M Alarid-Coronel, Alan Burgos-Paez
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Management of unsafe type of chronic suppurative otitis media with extracranial complications at a tertiary care center p. 129
Vinod Tukaram Kandakure, Pradipkumar Digambarrao Khokle, Udit Rohit Shah
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