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Noise and Health

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2011| July-August  | Volume 13 | Issue 53  

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Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to create and evaluate the effectiveness of brochures to reduce the risk for noise-induced hearing loss in college students p. 261
Michael R Kotowski, Sandi W Smith, Patti M Johnstone, Erin Pritt
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Road traffic noise, annoyance and community health survey - A case study for an Indian city p. 272
Sheetal Agarwal, Bajrang Lal Swami
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Hearing speech in music p. 277
Seth-Reino EkstrŲm, Erik Borg
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Chronic exposure of juvenile rats to environmental noise impairs hippocampal cell proliferation in adulthood p. 286
Fernando JŠuregui-Huerta, JoaquŪn GarcŪa-Estrada, Yaveth Ruvalcaba-Delgadillo, Xochitl Trujillo, Miguel Huerta, Alfredo Feria-Velasco, Oscar Gonzalez-Perez, Sonia LuquŪn
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Postexposure treatment with a Src-PTK inhibitor in combination with N-l-acetyl cysteine to reduce noise-induced hearing loss p. 292
Eric C Bielefeld, Rebecca Wantuck, Donald Henderson
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Effects of noise from non-traffic-related ambient sources on sleep: Review of the literature of 1990-2010 p. 299
Sarah Omlin, Georg F Bauer, Mark Brink
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Risks and music - Patterns among young women and men in Sweden p. 310
MC Bohlin, E Sorbring, SE Widťn, SI Erlandsson
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The influence of military service on auditory health and the efficacy of a hearing conservation program p. 320
Per Muhr, Ulf Rosenhall
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