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Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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2014| September-December  | Volume 18 | Issue 3  

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Industrial hygiene: A global perspective p. 103
GS Swaminathan
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Post stapedotomy aviation: A changing scenario p. 105
Renu Rajguru
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An epidemiologic study of occupational stress factors in Mumbai police personnel p. 109
Balaji D Almale, Ashok J Vankudre, Seema S Bansode-Gokhe, Vrushali K Pawar
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Does occupational health nursing exist in India? p. 113
Rajnarayan R Tiwari, Anjali Sharma, Sanjay P Zodpey, Shobha M Khandare
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A study of respiratory function among the workers engaged in ginning processes p. 118
Asim Saha, Pankaj B Doctor, Lakho J Bhagia, Prabhat K Majumdar, Bhupendra D Patel
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A study of morbidity pattern among iron and steel workers from an industry in central India p. 122
Manish J Biswas, Anil R Koparkar, Mohan P Joshi, Shilpa T Hajare, Nandakishor B Kasturwar
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Physical and psychological work demands as potential risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders among workers in weaving operations p. 129
Neeraja Telaprolu, Sharada Devi Anne
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Prevalence and pattern of occupational injuries at workplace among welders in coastal south India p. 135
S Ganesh Kumar, A Dharanipriya
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Health profile of women ragpicker members of a nongovernmental organization in Mumbai, India p. 140
Pallavi A Uplap, Kamaxi Bhate
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Perceived stress and stressors among house officers p. 145
Maroof Hassan, Talal Hussain, Syed Mustajab Ahmed, Tayyab Raza Fraz, Zoha Rehmat
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Squamous cell carcinoma of the scrotum - still an occupational hazard p. 150
Aparajita Mitra, PN Agarwal, Rajdeep Singh, Sushant Verma, Vaishali Srivastava, Anmol Chugh, Varun Jain
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Job satisfaction, job stress and psychosomatic health problems in software professionals in India p. 153
Sahukar Madhura, Pailoor Subramanya, Pradhan Balaram
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A comment on "Occupational hazard exposure and general health profile of welders in rural Delhi" p. 162
Kanica Kaushal
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Cadmium toxicity in silversmith: Safety is never too much! p. 163
Subramanian Senthilkumaran, Chidambaram Ananth, Sandeep B Gore, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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Occupational kidney disease: Is exposure to ammonium nitrate a risk factor? p. 164
Mohit Mathur, Pankaj Beniwal, Dharmendra Prasad, Vinay Malhotra
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