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2017| July-December  | Volume 5 | Issue 2  

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Preserving the passion and the attractions of clinical medicine: Shaping the medical students of the future p. 145
Bhaskara P Shelley
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Trends and opportunities in medical education: Aligning to societal needs and expectations p. 154
Jerry M Maniate
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Role of different factors as preoperative predictors of conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy p. 157
Ramlah Ghazanfar, Maham Tariq, Haider Ghazanfar, Sara Malik, Mehwish Changez, Jahangir Sarwar Khan
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Knowledge and practices of oral health care in final year undergraduate nursing students: A cross-sectional study p. 161
Suryakant C Deogade, Vinay Suresan
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Effect of atorvastatin on high sensitivity c-reactive protein, pulmonary function, and quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - an open-labeled randomized control trial p. 167
Manisha Bisht, Jagdish Rawat
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Management of 159 cases of acute cancrum oris: Our experience at the noma children hospital, Sokoto p. 172
Adebayo Aremu Ibikunle, Semiyu Adetunji Adeniyi, Abdurrazaq Olanrewaju Taiwo, Ramat Oyebunmi Braimah, Olalekan Micah Gbotolorun, Olujide O Soyele, Mike Adeyemi, Abiodun Amoo, Rufai Jaffar, Moh'd Bashir
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Evaluation of tobacco-associated oral lesions in the police personnel from Greater Mumbai: A survey with review of literature p. 177
Harsha Puri, Abhishek Singh Nayyar
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Perception of oral and maxillofacial surgery specialty among physicians in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria p. 182
Ramat Oyebunmi Braimah, Abdurrazaq Olanrewaju Taiwo, Adebayo Aremu Ibikunle, Olalekan Micah Gbotolorun, Mike Adeyemi
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Workplace harassment among employees: An explorative study p. 187
Asha P Shetty, BV Nithyashree
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Comparison of two different forms of varnishes in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity: A subject-blind clinical study in Lagos State university teaching hospital p. 191
Omotola Enere Owoturo, Adolphous Odogun Loto, Adenike Ololade Awotile, Afolabi Oyapero, Sylvanus O Ebigwei
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Effect of vitamin E supplementation on superoxide and malondialdehyde generation in acute celphos poisoning p. 200
C Biwas, J Bala, Simmi Kharb
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Goiter Survey among School Children (6–12 Years) in Northern Himalayan Region p. 204
S Muhammad Salim Khan, Inaamul Haq, Sheikh Mohd Saleem, Mehak Nelofar, Rachel Bashir
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Impact of multimodal preoperative preparation program on children undergoing surgery p. 208
Priya Reshma Aranha, Larissa Martha Sams, Prakash Saldanha
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Drug promotion in a resource-constrained Nigerian environment: A cross-sectional study of the influence of pharmaceutical sales representatives on the prescribing behaviors of medical practitioners in Abia State p. 215
Gabriel Uche Pascal Iloh, Miracle Erinma Chukwuonye
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Association of impaired sleep, impaired awakening, vitality, and fatigue related to dental caries p. 223
Shriya Jain, Komal Bhombe, Shravani Deolia, Shreya Patil, Bhavana Rajnalwar, Sourav Sen
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Vitamin D deficiency and cardiometabolic syndrome: Is the evidence solid? p. 229
Lubna A.G. Mahmood, Reem Al Saadi, Lorraine Matthews
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Prehospital care practices for venomous snakebites in resource-limited settings: A narrative review p. 237
Godpower Chinedu Michael, Ibrahim Aliyu, Bukar Alhaji Grema, Niongun Lawrence Paul De-Kaa
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Visual rehabilitation with secondary intraocular lens implantation in a case of hallermann–streiff syndrome p. 242
S Rashmi, Praveen S Alavandi
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Oral lichen sclerosus in a breast cancer patient on anastrozole therapy: A case report with brief review of literature p. 245
Chaturbhuj Agrawal, KV Pradeep Babu, Prashanta K Dash, Rajeev Saini
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Van der woude syndrome: A report of four cases p. 248
Suchetana Goswami
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Leiomyosarcoma with rhabdoid differentiation arising from leiomyoma: A rare entity p. 252
Pooja Chauhan, Kavita Mardi, Ganga Rawat, Nidhi Raina
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Inflammatory carcinoma of breast: The chameleon p. 255
Indranil Chakrabarti, Amitabha Basu, Nilanjana Ghosh
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Fusion of a primary mandibular lateral incisor and canine: A rarity p. 258
Treville Pereira
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B12 deficiency in India p. 261
PK Sasidharan
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Nail evaluation in internal diseases: An indispensable exercise p. 269
Vaishnavi Gopal, Manjunath M Shenoy
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History of Medical Imaging p. 275
Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah
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Ulcerated calcinosis cutis p. 279
Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu, Tanuja Pangtey
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Ridge guard p. 281
Rajiv S Desai, Subraj J Shetty, Raghuram Ganesan, Manish Chauhan
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