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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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2015| February  | Volume 59 | Issue 2  

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Anaesthesia provider's perception of law: Focus on preventive measures p. 73
Joginder Pal Attri, Shakil Momin, Gagandeep Kaur, Kulwinder Singh Sandhu, Neeru Bala, SS Channa
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Comparison of equi-minimum alveolar concentration of sevoflurane and isoflurane on bispectral index values during both wash in and wash out phases: A prospective randomised study p. 79
Madhu Gupta, Iti Shri, Prashant Sakia, Deepika Govil
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Use of Microcuff ® endotracheal tubes in paediatric laparoscopic surgeries p. 85
Rameshwar Mhamane, Nandini Dave, Madhu Garasia
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Effect of perineural dexmedetomidine on the quality of supraclavicular brachial plexus block with 0.5% ropivacaine and its interaction with general anaesthesia p. 89
Indira Gurajala, Anil Kumar Thipparampall, Padmaja Durga, R Gopinath
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Cuff leak test and laryngeal survey for predicting post-extubation stridor p. 96
Anit B Patel, Chizobam Ani, Colin Feeney
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Survey of anaesthesiologists' reactions to implementation of laws related to anaesthesia practice p. 103
Shakil G Momin
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Awareness about scope of anaesthesiology, attitudes towards the speciality and stress levels amongst postgraduate students in anaesthesiology: A cross-sectional study p. 110
Chaitanya A Kamat, Mahantesh Todakar, S Rangalakshmi, Pawan
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Ultrasound-guided rectus sheath catheters: A feasible and effective, opioid-sparing, post-operative pain management technique: A case series p. 118
Sumitra Bakshi, Amol Mapari, Rohit Paliwal
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Anaesthetic considerations in an infant with Beckwith-Weidemann syndrome and hepatoblastoma for partial hepatectomy p. 121
Jui Y Lagoo, Viraj M Shah
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Seizures following accidental intravascular injection of ropivacaine through epidural catheter p. 123
HS Harshavardhana, CL Gurudatta
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Anaesthesia and Ascaris pneumonia (Loeffler's syndrome) p. 125
Karthik Ganesh Ramamoorthy
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Spontaneous pneumothorax in the immediate post-operative hour in a primigravida following emergency caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia p. 126
Basheer Ahmed Khan, P Muralinath Reddy, Abrar Mohammed Khan
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Foregut reduplication cyst: Anaesthetic implications of the rare anomaly p. 130
Nita Hazarika, Neerja Banerjee, Rajesh Sood
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Converting a nasoendotracheal tube to orotracheal, following fibreoptic intubation under general anaesthesia in a paediatric patient with complete cleft palate p. 131
Sunil Rajan, Jerry Paul, Lakshmi Kumar
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i-gel insertion with modified jaw thrust technique p. 132
Dileep Kumar, Muhammad Hayat, Ausaf Khan
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No rent is small for migration of epidural catheter into sub-arachnoid space p. 133
Manish Tandon, Chandra Kant Pandey
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Povidone-iodine toxicity in a child posted for laparoscopic removal of hepatic and renal hydatid cysts p. 135
Gurpreet Kaur, Adarsh Chandra Swami, Ashwini Sharma, Amardeep Kaur
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Anaesthesia for repair of anomalous origin of left coronary artery from pulmonary artery p. 136
Kapil Gupta, Manju Gupta, Mayank Mehrotra, Jagdish Prasad
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Off pump coronary artery bypass grafting in a patient with cerebrovascular disease p. 138
S K S Rawat, Yatin Mehta, Harsh Spa, AN Jha, Naresh Trehan
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