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Noise and Health

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2013| March-April  | Volume 15 | Issue 63  

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Noise and health special issue: Advances in the neuroscience of tinnitus p. 81
Edward Lobarinas, Richard Salvi, Joan Baizer, Carol Altman, Brian Allman
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Intratympanic treatment for tinnitus: A review p. 83
Thomas Meyer
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Association between sleep disorders, hyperacusis and tinnitus: Evaluation with tinnitus questionnaires p. 91
Alessandra B Fioretti, Marco Fusetti, Alberto Eibenstein
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The use of fractal tones in tinnitus patient management p. 96
Robert W Sweetow
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Can the tinnitus spectrum identify tinnitus subgroups? p. 101
Karin M Heijneman, Emile de Kleine, Esther Wiersinga-Post, Pim van Dijk
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Recent technological advances in sound-based approaches to tinnitus treatment: A review of efficacy considered against putative physiological mechanisms p. 107
Derek J Hoare, Peyman Adjamian, Magdalena Sereda, Deborah A Hall
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Tonic tensor tympani syndrome in tinnitus and hyperacusis patients: A multi-clinic prevalence study p. 117
Myriam Westcott, Tanit Ganz Sanchez, Isabel Diges, Clarice Saba, Ross Dineen, Celene McNeill, Alison Chiam, Mary O'Keefe, Tricia Sharples
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No cochlear dead regions detected in non-pulsatile tinnitus patients: An assessment with the threshold equalizing noise (sound pressure level) test p. 129
Annick Gilles, Dirk De Ridder, Paul Van de Heyning
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Rationale for the tinnitus retraining therapy trial p. 134
Craig Formby, Roberta Scherer
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Illustrative cases of unorthodox tinnitus management p. 143
Kenneth H Brookler
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Letter to Editor: Are the findings of "Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health" supported? p. 148
Christopher A Ollson, Loren D Knopper, Lindsay C McCallum, Melissa L Whitfield-Aslund
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Letter to Editor: Issues of wind turbine noise p. 150
Mike Barnard
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