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Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock

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2013| July-September  | Volume 6 | Issue 3  

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What's new in emergencies, trauma and shock? Pellets, rubber bullets, and shotguns: Less lethal or not? p. 153
Timothy C Hardcastle
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Pattern, presentation and management of vascular injuries due to pellets and rubber bullets in a conflict zone p. 155
Mohd L Wani, Ab G Ahangar, Farooq A Ganie, Shadab N Wani, Gh Nabi Lone, Ab M Dar, Mohd Akbar Bhat, Shyam Singh
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Characteristics of patients that experience cardiopulmonary arrest following aortic dissection and aneurysm p. 159
Youichi Yanagawa, Toshihisa Sakamoto
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Where do I go? A trauma victim's plea in an informal trauma system p. 164
Angeline N Radjou, Preetam Mahajan, Dillip K Baliga
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Blood levels of histone-complexed DNA fragments are associated with coagulopathy, inflammation and endothelial damage early after trauma p. 171
Pär I Johansson, Nis A Windelĝv, Lars S Rasmussen, Anne Marie Sĝrensen, Sisse R Ostrowski
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Evaluation of the relationship between pelvic fracture and abdominal compartment syndrome in traumatic patients p. 176
Sheikhi Rahim Ali, Heidari Mohammad, Shahbazi Sara
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Coagulopathy as prognostic marker in acute traumatic brain injury p. 180
Gaurav Chhabra, Subhadra Sharma, Arulselvi Subramanian, Deepak Agrawal, Sumit Sinha, Asok K Mukhopadhyay
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Splenectomy in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital: A comparison of sonographic correlation with intra-operative findings in trauma p. 186
Oludolapo Afuwape, Godwin Ogole, Omobolaji Ayandipo
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Effect of cocaine use on outcomes in traumatic brain injury p. 189
Jacky T Yeung, Jessica Williams, William M Bowling
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Bedside ultrasonography by emergency physicians for anterior talofibular ligament injury p. 195
Cem Gün, Erden Erol Ünlüer, Nergiz Vandenberk, Arif Karagöz, Güldehen Ozmen Sentürk, Orhan Oyar
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Demographic, epidemiologic and clinical profile of snake bite cases, presented to Emergency Medicine department, Ahmedabad, Gujarat p. 199
Bhavesh Jarwani, Pradeep Jadav, Malhar Madaiya
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The role of allopurinol's timing in the ischemia reperfusion injury of small intestine p. 203
Konstantinos Sapalidis, Theodossis S Papavramidis, Eleftherios Gialamas, Nikolaos Deligiannidis, Valentini Tzioufa, Spiros Papavramidis
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Reduction of pediatric emergency hospital admissions by a change in pediatric emergency department policy p. 209
Marzouq A Alazmi, Ahmed F Elhassanien
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Images in medicine: Diagnosis and pre-surgical triage of transanal rectal injury using multidetector CT with water-soluble contrast enema p. 213
Massimo Tonolini
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Academic College of Emergency Experts in India's INDO-US Joint Working Group (JWG) White Paper on the Integrated Emergency Communication Response Service in India: Much more than just a number! p. 216
Anuja Joshi, Prasad Rajhans, Sagar Galwankar, Bonnie Arquilla, Mamta Swaroop, Stanislaw Stawicki, Bidhan Das, Praveen Aggarwal, Sanjeev Bhoi, OP Kalra
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Small bowel obstruction in percutaneous fixation of traumatic pelvic fractures p. 224
Roberto Bini, Fabrizio Quiriconi, Tiziana Viora, Renzo Leli
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Hypothermic overdose, not all bad? p. 227
Timothy Petterson, Lindsay Lyon, Bradley Peckler
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Contre-coup injury in chest: Report of two cases p. 230
Sunil Kumar, Mohit Kumar Joshi, Abdul Quadir Qureshi
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A unique case of non- traumatic asymmetric shoulder dislocation with four-part fractures of proximal humeri following seizures p. 231
Sandeep K Nema, Dinker Ramanad Pai, Nirmal Kumar Sinha, Krishna Kumar Gupta
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