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Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine

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2015| July-December  | Volume 1 | Issue 2  

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From De Facto Fact-finder to Expert Witness? Transition of Forensic Examination in China p. 75
Thomas Y Man
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Transfer of Fibres onto Knife Blades in Stabbing Events: Distribution and Determination of the Stabbing Sequence p. 84
Michael Schnegg, Line Gueissaz, Jessica Rodriguez, Sabine Hess, Genevieve Massonnet
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Research on Several Inspection Methods to Determine the Sequence of Photocopying and Stamping p. 93
Jing Wang
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Chemical Analysis of Tire Traces in Traffic Accidents Investigation p. 99
Line Gueissaz, Genevieve Massonnet
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Detection of TNT by Surface Plasmon Resonance Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers p. 109
Hong Zhou, Ling Zeng, Xinming Chen, Hongxia Hao
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Ultrasound-Assisted Low-Density Solvent Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Extraction for the Determination of Amphetamines in Biological Samples Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry p. 114
Liang Meng, Wenwen Zhang, Pinjia Meng, Yuxian Liu
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Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition Based on Likelihood Ratio Using Acoustic-phonetic Features Measured Automatically p. 119
Huapeng Wang, Cuiling Zhang
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Bayesian Networks for the Age Classification of Living Individuals: A Study on Transition Analysis p. 124
Emanuele Sironi, Franco Taroni
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Identification of the Mislabeled Breast Cancer Samples by Mitochondrial DNA Haplotyping p. 133
Xiaogang Chen, Di Lu, Ji Zhang, Feng Song, Haibo Luo, Zheng Ren, Wei Wei, Yiping Hou
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The Role of the Subjectivist Position in the Probabilization of Forensic Science p. 140
Alex Biedermann
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The Role of Forensic Examination at Trials in China p. 149
Baosheng Zhang, Yin Li
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Potential Application of Quantitative Prostate-specific Antigen Analysis in Forensic Examination of Seminal Stains p. 159
Zhenping Liu, Yang Yang, Zhikan Pan, Xiaoxu Zhu, Shi Feng, Dong Zhao
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To Commemorate the 100th Year Anniversary of Forensic Science Education in China: A Brief Review of the Lives and Achievements of Forensic Science Pioneers from Zhejiang Province p. 163
Lin-Sheng Yu, Yan-Yan Fan, Jun-Ge Han, Xing-Biao Li, Guang-hua Ye, Xiang-Ping Feng, Yi Liao, Cai-Qun Xu, Qi-Yu Bao, Feng Li
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