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International Journal of Academic Medicine

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2017| January-June  | Volume 3 | Issue 1  

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What's new in academic medicine? Simulation in medical education: An imperative for efficient learning, patient safety, and interprofessional collaboration p. 1
Konstantinos Stroumpoulis
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The shortage of psychiatrists and other mental health providers: Causes, current state, and potential solutions p. 5
Tracy Butryn, Leah Bryant, Christine Marchionni, Farhad Sholevar
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The quality reporting reality at a large Academic Medical Center: Reporting 1600 unique measures to 49 different sources p. 10
Kelsey R Murray, Brian Hilligoss, Jennifer L Hefner, Ann Scheck McAlearney, Anne VanBuren, Timothy R Huerta, Susan Moffatt-Bruce
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Association between intentional ingestion of foreign objects and psychiatric disease among prisoners: A retrospective study p. 16
Christian Jones, Andrew J Otey, Thomas J Papadmos, Charles H Cook, Stanislaw P Stawicki, David C Evans
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Does the STarT Back screening tool correlate with the focus on therapeutic outcomes functional scale in patients with low back pain? p. 23
Alexander Harris, Stephen Kareha, Rett Holmes
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Intracranial monitoring and resective epilepsy surgery: Preoperative predictors of nonprogression to therapeutic surgery and long-term outcomes p. 31
Daniel John DiLorenzo, Steven M Falowski, David J Wallace, Jacquelyn A Corley, Louis F Fogg, Michael C Smith, Marvin A Rossi, Antoaneta J Balabanov, Richard W Byrne
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Inpatient psychiatric facility exclusionary criteria and the emergency pediatric psychiatric patient p. 44
Veronica Tucci, Nidal Moukaddam, Anu Matorin, Asim Shah, Edore Onigu-Otite, Genevieve Santillanes
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Part-time faculty in academic surgical specialties: The view of Canadian chairs p. 53
Nathalie Gabra, Marco A Mascarella, Meredith Young, Saul Frenkiel, Lily H. P. Nguyen
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The expanding use of simulation for undergraduate preclinical medical education p. 59
Jonathan A Lipps, Sujatha P Bhandary, Lori D Meyers
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High-fidelity anesthesia simulation in medical student education: Three fundamental and effective teaching scenarios p. 66
Kimberly D Jenkins, Jason M Stroud, Sujatha P Bhandary, Laura Lynem, Monica Choi, Johnny Quick, Nitin Goyal, Thomas J Papadimos
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Scenario development strategies and process for simulation-based education in anesthesiology p. 72
Sujatha P Bhandary, Jonathan A Lipps, Mohamed Ehab Ramadan, Kimberly D Jenkins, Jason M Stroud, Thomas J Papadimos
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Clinical decision support systems: From medical simulation to clinical practice p. 78
Scott M Pappada, Thomas J Papadimos
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The importance of laparoscopic simulation in the continuing medical education of community surgeons p. 84
Allison A Vanderbilt, Reginald F Baugh, Moriah K Muscaro, Thomas J Papadimos
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Medical simulation and the surgical resident: Creating synergies through focus on education and morbidity reduction in general laparoscopy p. 90
David S Strosberg, Nicholas Latchana, Tammy L Kindel, Mamta Swaroop, Umer I Chaudhry, Sabrena F Noria, Rachel L Choron, Mark J Seamon, Maggie J Lin, Melissa L Mao, James Cipolla, Dane Scantling, Niels D Martin, David C Evans, Thomas J Papadimos, Noel Martins, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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Putting the pieces together: The role of multidisciplinary simulation in medical education p. 104
Jason M Stroud, Kimberly D Jenkins, Sujatha P Bhandary, Thomas J Papadimos
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Bland–Altman plot: A brief overview p. 110
Parampreet Kaur, Jill C Stoltzfus
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Bilateral facial palsy and neurosarcoidosis – An approach to a difficult diagnosis p. 112
Mark W Fegley, Lauren E Stone, Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, Amitoj Singh, Santo Longo, Sudip Nanda
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Difficult airway management in a case of hair dye poisoning p. 120
D Anandhi, K. N. J. Prakash Raju, Rama Prakasha Saya, Vinay R Pandit
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Part 1: Café-au-lait macule – Presentation and genesis p. 124
Lauren E Stone, Mark W Fegley, Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, Amitoj Singh, Santo Longo, Sudip Nanda
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Part 2: The extracellular matrix in undiagnosed connective tissue disease p. 132
Lauren E Stone, Mark W Fegley, Ghanshyam Pangtey, Santo Longo, Sudip Nanda
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Part 3: Differential diagnosis for an undiagnosed systemic condition p. 141
Lauren E Stone, Mark W Fegley, Sahil Agrawal, Amitoj Singh, Santo Longo, Sudip Nanda
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Part 4: Clinical management of an undiagnosed systemic condition p. 151
Lauren E Stone, Mark W Fegley, Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, Sudip Nanda
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Scientific Abstracts from the 2017 Summa Health System's 25th Annual Postgraduate Day p. 156
Karen M Gil, Michael P Subichin, Katherine Tatar, Diego F Alcivar Franco, Maryana Yevtukh, Michael S Firstenberg
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The 2017 St. Luke's University Health Network Annual Research and Innovation Symposium: Event Highlights and Scientific Abstracts p. 177
Jill C Stoltzfus
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Giant megacolon: An unusual surgical emergency p. 194
Thomas R Wojda, Franz Yanagawa, Alexander Wallner, WT Hillman Terzian, Ellyn A Smith, Stanislaw P Stawicki, James Cipolla
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Finger nail changes: A red flag for connective tissue disease p. 197
Mark W Fegley, Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, Whitney Fegley, Lauren E Stone, Amitoj Singh, Sudip Nanda
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A human tail over the scapular region p. 202
Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu, Tanuja Pangtey
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Role of dynamic contrast magnetic resonance imaging in pituitary microadenomas p. 204
Reddy Ravikanth
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Certificates of merit: A means to reduce frivolous lawsuits p. 206
Pamela L Valenza, Kristine Cornejo
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Mondo: My first patient p. 209
Dhanalakshmi Thiyagarajan, Michael Vitez
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