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Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology

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2014| September-October  | Volume 20 | Issue 5  

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Spontaneous resolution of portal vein thrombosis in cirrhosis: Where do we stand, and where will we go? p. 265
Xingshun Qi, Zhiping Yang, Daiming Fan
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Saudi gastroenterology association position statement on safety issues associated with the use of domperidone p. 267
Mahmoud H Mosli, Bandar Aljudaibi, Majid Al-Madi
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The effect of bariatric surgeries on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease p. 270
Mazen Hassanian, Amnah Al-Mulhim, Atheer Al-Sabhan, Shaden Al-Amro, Fahad Bamehriz, Ayman Abdo, Hisham Al Khalidi
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Ascites and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis: Recommendations from two United States centers p. 279
Vinay Sundaram, Vignan Manne, Abdullah MS Al-Osaimi
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Natural course of nonmalignant partial portal vein thrombosis in cirrhotic patients p. 288
Irina Girleanu, Carol Stanciu, Camelia Cojocariu, Lucian Boiculese, Ana-Maria Singeap, Anca Trifan
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Total parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis and risk factors in preterm infants p. 293
Turki M Alkharfy, Rubana Ba-Abbad, Anjum Hadi, Badr H Sobaih, Khalid M AlFaleh
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Topiramate ameliorates abdominal aorta cross-clamping induced liver injury in rats p. 297
Erkan Cure, Medine C Cure, Levent Tumkaya, Yildiray Kalkan, Ibrahim Aydin, Aynur Kirbas, Arif Yilmaz, Suleyman Yuce, Mehmet F Gokce
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A survey of patterns of practice and perception of minimal hepatic encephalopathy: A nationwide survey in India p. 304
Praveen Sharma, Barjesh C Sharma
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Role of interstitial collagenase gene promoter polymorphism in the etiology of gastric cancer p. 309
Krishnaveni Devulapalli, Amar Chand Bhayal, Shravan Kumar Porike, Ramanna Macherla, Jyothy Akka, Pratibha Nallari, Venkateshwari Ananthapur
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Laparoscopic-assisted one-stage resection of rectal cancer with synchronous liver metastasis utilizing a pfannenstiel incision p. 315
Murad Aljiffry, Mawaddah Alrajraji, Salman Al-Sabah, Mazen Hassanain
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Extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT lymphoma) in ulcerative colitis p. 319
Tadashi Terada
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Swallow syncope and high-resolution esophageal manometry p. 323
Levent Filik
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Authors' reply: High-resolution manometry in swallow syncope-is there a role? p. 324
Mohit Girotra, Shashank Garg, Sudhir K Dutta
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Conclusive strategies for therapy and virotyping of Helicobacter pylori p. 325
Amin T.B. Abadi, Ashraf M Mobarez
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In response to "Conclusive strategies for therapy and virotyping of Helicobacter pylori" p. 326
Ayesha Alvi
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Depression and anxiety disorders among gastroenterologic outpatients p. 327
Ilker Tasci, Umut Safer
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Authors response p. 328
Fahad Alosaimi
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