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Journal of Global Infectious Diseases

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2012| April-June  | Volume 4 | Issue 2  

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State of the globe: Diagnostic tests to detect Helicobacter pylori tonsillitis p. 99
Asghar Fazaeli
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Honey as an antimicrobial agent against Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from infected wounds p. 102
Vishnu Prasad Shenoy, Mamatha Ballal, PG Shivananda, Indira Bairy
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Agreement rate of rapid urease test, conventional PCR, and scorpion real-time PCR in detecting Helicobacter pylori from tonsillar samples of patients with chronic tonsillitis p. 106
Reza Najafipour, Taghi Naserpour Farivar, Ali Akbar Pahlevan, Pouran Johari, Farshid Safdarian, Mina Asefzadeh
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Polymorphisms of HIV RT gene among the ART naïve native drug exposed rural PLHA p. 110
K Mohana Krishnan, SK Amsavathani
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Knockdown resistance, Rdl alleles, and the annual entomological Inoculation rate of wild mosquito populations from Lower Moshi, Northern Tanzania p. 114
Aneth M Mahande, Isabelle Dusfour, Jonathan R Matias, Eliningaya J Kweka
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Monitoring data quality in syndromic surveillance: Learnings from a resource limited setting p. 120
E Venkatarao, Rajan R Patil, Deepa Prasad, Anita Anasuya, Reuben Samuel
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Multisystem sarcoidosis in a patient on interferon-α therapy for chronic hepatitis C p. 128
Bouchra Oudghiri, Mohammed Benzagmout, Saïd Boujraf, Faouzi Belahcen, Adil Ibrahimi
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Spinal epidural abscess caused by Bacteroides fragilis group after dilation and curettage for incomplete abortion p. 132
Masaki Ohyagi, Takuya Ohkubo, Takashi Taniyama, Shoji Tomizawa, Atsushi Okawa, Takanori Yokota, Hidehiro Mizusawa
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Subcutaneous cervical cysticercosis in a child p. 135
Ira Shah
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African eye worm p. 135
Etienne Rivière, Julien Kerautret, France Combillet, Denis Malvy
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An interesting case of Empedobacter brevis bacteremia after right knee cellulitis p. 136
Sivakumar Raman, Hamid Shaaban, John W Sensakovic, George Perez
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Clinical, epidemiological, and microbiological profile of patients with vancomycin-resistant Enterococci from a Tertiary Care Hospital p. 137
PR Vidyalakshmi, R Gopalakrishnan, V Ramasubramanian, K Abdul Ghafur, P Senthur Nambi, MA Thirunarayana
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