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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2010| July-September  | Volume 28 | Issue 3  

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Greetings from Davangere, Karnataka p. 137
VV Subba Reddy
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Comparative evaluation of the effects of an alum-containing mouthrinse and a saturated saline rinse on the salivary levels of Streptococcus mutans p. 138
S Rupesh, JJ Winnier, UA Nayak, AP Rao, NV Reddy
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Flowable resin used as a sealant in molars using conventional, enameloplasty and fissurotomy techniques: An in vitro study p. 145
TR Chaitra, VV Subba Reddy, GM Devarasa, TL Ravishankar
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Reliability and factor analysis of children's fear survey schedule-dental subscale in Indian subjects p. 151
P Singh, RK Pandey, A Nagar, K Dutt
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Relation of salivary calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase with the incidence of dental caries in children p. 156
KE Vijayaprasad, KS Ravichandra, A.A.K Vasa, S Suzan
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Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of different concentrations of chlorhexidine mouth rinses in reducing the mutants streptococci in saliva: An in vivo study p. 162
R Jayaprakash, A Sharma, J Moses
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Dentin comparison in primary and permanent molars under transmitted and polarised light microscopy: An in vitro study p. 167
N Chowdhary, VV Subba Reddy
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Relative position of the mandibular foramen in different age groups of children: A radiographic study p. 173
KS Poonacha, AL Shigli, KR Indushekar
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Efficacy of a probiotic and chlorhexidine mouth rinses: A short-term clinical study p. 179
PM Harini, RT Anegundi
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Technique-sensitivity of dentin-bonding agent application: The effect on shear bond strength using one-step self-etch adhesive in primary molars: An in vitro study p. 183
S Bansal, IK Pandit, N Srivastava, N Gugnani
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Evaluation of acidity and total sugar content of children's popular beverages and their effect on plaque pH p. 189
S Saeed, M Al-Tinawi
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Comparative evaluation of the effect of topical fluorides on the microhardness of various restorative materials: An in vitro study p. 193
NC Gill, A Pathak
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Oral pemphigus vulgaris in a pediatric patient p. 200
R Anand, JN Jaiswal, F Samadi
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Marsupialization: A conservative approach for treating dentigerous cyst in children in the mixed dentition p. 203
BC Kirtaniya, V Sachdev, A Singla, AK Sharma
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Acanthomatous ameloblastoma of anterior maxilla p. 209
M Bansal, TP Chaturvedi, R Bansal, M Kumar
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RURS' elbow guard: An innovative treatment of the thumb-sucking habit in a child with Hurler's syndrome p. 212
RM Shetty, U Dixit, R Hegde, PK Shivprakash
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Clinical management of supernumerary teeth: A report of two cases p. 219
M Mittal, A Sultan
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Biological approach for management of anterior tooth trauma: Triple case report p. 223
P Goenka, N Marwah, S Dutta
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Congenital epulis: A rare benign tumor in the newborn p. 230
MB Diniz, MA Giro Elisa, CC Zuanon Angela, CA Costa, J Hebling
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Cricket ball trauma causing temporal space abscess: Report of a case p. 234
PP Waknis, S Sabhlok, R Deshpande
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Use of a modified anterior inclined plane in the treatment on the dentoskeletal Class II division 2 patient p. 237
SA Rao, AM Thomas, S Chopra
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