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Radiation Protection and Environment

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2015| July-September  | Volume 38 | Issue 3  

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Editorial p. 57
DD Rao
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Radiological protection against exposure to naturally occurring radioactive material p. 59
PP Haridasan, M Harikumar, PM Ravi, RM Tripathi
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Emergency exposure situations: An update p. 68
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Marine environmental radioactivity measurement programme in India p. 72
SK Jha, SJ Sartandel, RM Tripathi
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Low-level radiation exposures: Time to revisit linear no-threshold concept p. 78
MR Iyer, Pushparaja
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Comparison of effective atomic numbers of the cancerous and normal kidney tissue p. 83
HC Manjunatha
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Comparing the impact of melatonin and captopril on early effects of radiation on the heart tissue by studying glutathione, malondialdehyde, and lactate dehydrogenase enzyme activity in rats p. 92
Alireza Shirazi, Farnaz Tabatabaie, Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari, Hamidreza Mirzaei
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Origin of thorium deposits in Kerala beach sands p. 98
MR Iyer
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Acceptance testing and quality assurance of Simulix Evolution radiotherapy simulator p. 102
Ashutosh Sinha, Navin Singh, Om Prakash Gurjar, Priyusha Bagdare
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Comparison of neutron attenuation properties of ferro boron slabs containing 5% natural boron with other high density materials p. 109
D Venakata Subramanian, Adish Haridas, Subhrojit Bagchi, D Sunil Kumar, A John Arul, RS Keshavamurthy, P Puthiyavinayagam, P Chellapandi
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Nasal swab reference levels for plutonium based on aerosol characteristics and breathing patterns of individuals p. 115
PD Sawant, SP Prabhu, DP Rath, RK Gopalakrishnan, DD Rao
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Views, News and Information p. 120
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