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Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics

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2013| November  | Volume 9 | Issue 7  

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Tumor metastasis: What happened to the invading cancer cells? p. 121
Qian Liu, Qinghua Zhou
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The role of neural-related factors in the metastasis of the gastrointestinal cancer p. 123
Xiao-tao Xu, Bin Xu, Qi-bin Song, Heng Zeng
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The function of the RNA-binding protein hnRNP in cancer metastasis p. 129
Na Han, Wentao Li, Mengxian Zhang
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The potential therapeutic targets to bone pain induced by cancer metastasis p. 135
Jianguo Wu, Yibing Wei, Jingsheng Shi, Feiyan Chen, Guangyong Huang, Jie Chen, Jun Xia
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Role of Toll-like receptors in microbiota-associated gastrointestinal cancer metastasis p. 142
Qi Lu, Hao Ding, Weiping Li
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Cancer stem cells and tumor metastasis p. 150
Shaoqiang Sun, Xue Shan Qiu
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A phase II study of triweekly paclitaxel and capecitabine combination therapy in patients with fluoropyrimidine-platinum-resistant metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma p. 153
Xiao-tian Zhang, Jian Li, Yu Bai, Yu-ping Chu, Jie Li, Yan Li, Ji-fang Gong, Lin Shen
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A retrospective study of different local treatments in breast cancer patients with synchronous ipsilateral supraclavicular lymph node metastasis p. 158
Xin-Zhong Chang, Jian Yin, Jinyan Sun, Xue-Hui Zhang, Xu-Chen Cao
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Immune responsiveness in a mouse model of combined adoptive immunotherapy with NK and dendritic cells p. 162
Feng Cui, Jingjing Ji, Huifang Lv, Di Qu, Changhua Yu, Yu Yang, Yuqing Xu
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Efficiency and prognosis of whole brain irradiation combined with precise radiotherapy on triple-negative breast cancer p. 169
Xinhong Wu, Bo Luo, Shaozhong Wei, Yan Luo, Yaojun Feng, Juan Xu, Wei Wei
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RASSF7 and RASSF8 proteins are predictive factors for development and metastasis in malignant thyroid neoplasms p. 173
Xi Li, Ge Zhao, Yinghou Wang, Jian Zhang, Zhiquan Duan, Shijie Xin
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Retrospective analysis of clinical and pathologic risk factors in liver resection for hepatic colorectal metastases p. 178
Lei Zhou, Guochao Zhag, Tao Tang, Rui Lian, Wenyue Wang
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Surgical resection of multiple liver metastasis of functional malignant pheochromocytoma: A case report and literature review p. 183
Shaozhong Wei, Dongde Wu, Junqiu Yue
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