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Archives of International Surgery

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2016| April-June  | Volume 6 | Issue 2  

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Microvascular anastomosis in oral and maxillofacial surgery p. 65
Farhana Girkar, Gaurav Mittal, Puneet Kalra
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A histopathologic review of nonsquamous cell malignancies of the cervix in Kano, Nigeria p. 74
AA Sule, MS Haruna
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Analysis of admissions in a West African urology centre: A crux in urologic capacity building p. 79
Abubakar Abdulkadir
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Orbital blowout fractures: A Survey and review p. 84
Rahul Kashyap, Gaurav Mittal, Gaurav Kataria
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Laparoscopic management of common bile duct stones: Stent Vs T-tube drainage p. 90
Iqbal S Mir, Mudasir F Hajini, Tajamul Rashid, Viqar M Sheikh, Suhail N Bhat
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Locked intramedullary nailing for tibial and femoral shaft fractures: Challenges and prospects in a Tertiary Health Care Facility in a resource constraint setting p. 96
Ismail L Dahiru, Kenneth E Amaefule, Yau Z Lawal, MO Ogirima, Muhammad I Maitama, Friday Ejagwulu, Muhammad A Abdulmalik
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Chronic granulomatous mastitis: A therapeutic dilemma revisited p. 100
Vinayak V Kshirsagar, Prashant V Male, Mahendra Bendre, Shahaji Chavan, Sarang Rathod
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The role of phenol application in the management of pilonidal sinus disease p. 105
Satish Dalal, Nityasha Nara, Suresh Kumar Kataria, Vundavalli Sattibabu
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Age at first pregnancy among primigravidae attending antenatal clinic at a Tertiary Hospital in Kano p. 111
Rabiu Ayyuba, Abdul Sayyid, Idris U Takai, Idris S Abubakar, Ibrahim Garba
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Ultrasound-Guided foam sclerotherapy versus surgery for the incompetent great saphenous vein based on vein diameter p. 115
Abbas S Kummankandath, Prasad Paul, Karat P.A Ali, Nadakkavil M.R Mujeeb, Sunil Rajendran, Waseem Ahammed
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One-Stage repair of hypospadias using the modified prepucial island flap technique: Experience with 200 cases p. 121
Aditya P Singh, Arvind K Shukla, Pramila Sharma, Ramji Prasad
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Vaginal myomectomy of a huge prolapsed cervical leiomyoma p. 127
Matthew C Taingson, Joel A Adze, Stephen B Bature, Durosinlorun M Amina, Mohammed Caleb, Abubakar Amina
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Incidental finding of meckel's diverticulum in a patient with ascaris-induced intestinal obstruction p. 130
Mohit Bhatia, Vishal Tomar, Ravi Shankar
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Management of severe cut throat injury in Zaria, Nigeria p. 133
A Bakari, IY Shuaibu, MA Usman
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