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Noise and Health

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2015| May-June  | Volume 17 | Issue 76  

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Noise pollution and annoyance: An urban soundscapes study p. 125
Karina Mary de Paiva Vianna, Maria Regina Alves Cardoso, Rui Manuel Calejo Rodrigues
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Farm and rural adolescents' perspective on hearing conservation: Reports from a focus group study p. 134
Marie-Anne S Rosemberg, Marjorie C McCullagh, Megan Nordstrom
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Noise stress changes mRNA expressions of corticotropin-releasing hormone, its receptors in amygdala, and anxiety-related behaviors p. 141
Evren Eraslan, Ibrahim Akyazi, Elif Ergül-Ekiz, Erdal Matur
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The impact of road traffic noise on cognitive performance in attention-based tasks depends on noise level even within moderate-level ranges p. 148
Sabine J Schlittmeier, Alexandra Feil, Andreas Liebl, Jürgen Hellbrück
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Exposure to music and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) among professional pop/rock/jazz musicians p. 158
Dana N Halevi-Katz, Erez Yaakobi, Hanna Putter-Katz
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Elucidating the relationship between noise sensitivity and personality p. 165
Daniel Shepherd, Marja Heinonen-Guzejev, Michael J Hautus, Kauko Heikkilä
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Comment on "Concerns with amplitude variation in calibrated audiometer systems in clinical simulations" p. 172
David C Byrne, Christa L Themann, Mark R Stephenson
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Joining hands with World Health Organization initiative Make Listening Safe p. 173
Saurabh R Shrivastava, Prateek S Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
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