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Indian Journal of Cancer

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2015| November  | Volume 52 | Issue 5  

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Roles of Hippo signaling in lung cancer p. 1
Y Wang, W Ding, C Chen, Z Niu, M Pan, H Zhang
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A new perspective on the IIIC staging in Chinese patients with primary breast cancer: Single-center experiences p. 6
ZH Yu, ZJ Yang, Q Chen, F Xing, B Zhang, XC Cao
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A meta-analysis of erlotinib versus docetaxel for advanced nonsmall-cell lung cancer with poor prognosis p. 12
W Xu, C Jin, X Dai, X Lv
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Rabbit nucleus pulposus cells facilitate differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells into nucleus pulposus-like cells p. 17
J Xu, DL Qi, XJ Pang, CW Jing
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Clinical interrogation and application of super-selective intracranial artery infusion chemotherapy for lung cancer patients with brain metastases p. 22
J Rong, M Chunhua, L Yuan, M Ning, L Jinduo, W Bin, S Liwei
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Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductasel reductase C677T polymorphisms and esophageal cancer susceptibility: A meta-analysis based on Chinese Han population p. 26
Z Yang, X Wang, S Li
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A meta-analysis of lentinan injection combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 29
X Yin, J Ying, L Li, H Zhang, H Wang
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Toxicity and adverse effects of everolimus in the treatment of advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer pretreated with chemotherapy-Chinese experiences p. 32
Y Ju, Y Hu, S Sun, J Wang, S Jiao
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Synchronous primary pulmonary lymphoma presenting with pulmonary adenocarcinoma: A case report and literature review p. 37
JX Zheng, XZ Li, RL Xiang, Z Gao
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