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International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science

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2013| April-June  | Volume 3 | Issue 2  

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What's New in Critical Illness and Injury Science? The challenge of verifying tracheal airway placement: Solving the puzzle one piece at a time p. 105
David P Bahner, David C Evans, David E Lindsey, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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Intubation of patients with angioedema: A retrospective study of different methods over three year period p. 108
Aaron Wood, Dominik Choromanski, Marc Orlewicz
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Secondary confirmation of endotracheal tube position by diaphragm motion in right subcostal ultrasound view p. 113
Javad Seyed Hosseini, Mohammad Taghi Talebian, Mohammad Hassan Ghafari, Vahid Eslami
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Non-operative management of blunt liver trauma in a level II trauma hospital in Saudi Arabia p. 118
Wagih Mommtaz Ghnnam, Hosam Nabil Almasry, Mona Abd El-Fatah Ghanem
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Frequency of hypoxic events in patients on a mechanical ventilator p. 124
Nader A Mahmood, Fawad A Chaudry, Hamad Azam, M Imran Ali, M Anees Khan
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Wind disasters: A comprehensive review of current management strategies p. 130
Raffaele Marchigiani, Stephanie Gordy, James Cipolla, Raeanna C Adams, David C Evans, Christy Stehly, Sagar Galwankar, Sarah Russell, Alan P Marco, Nicholas Kman, Sanjeev Bhoi, Stanislaw P A Stawicki, Thomas J Papadimos
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Prophylaxis and treatment of venous thromboembolism in the critically ill p. 143
Sarah M Adriance, Claire V Murphy
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Anaphylaxis due to spontaneous rupture of primary isolated splenic hydatid cyst p. 152
Fuat Ozkan, Yakup Yesilkaya, Onur Peker, Murvet Yuksel
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Traumatic pulmonary pseudocyst p. 155
Neeraj Gupta, Jacob George, Rakesh C Gupta, Ramakant Dixit
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Polyuria following an overdose p. 159
Angela Collins, Nigel A White
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Is normal saline really 'normal'? p. 161
Sumit Jha, Dhanashree Prabhu
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Intrapulmonary malposition of a chest drain p. 162
Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Néstor Alemán-Pérez, Miguel Galante-Miliqua, Manuel Sánchez-Palacios
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Considering multidrug resistant nosocomial sinusitis in intensive care unit patients as a cause of pyrexia p. 163
Sushil K Aggarwal, Afzal Azim, Saurabh Sehgal, Armin Ahmed
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Critical issues in a parturient with pre-existing neurological deficits with severe anaemia: A clinical challenge to anaesthesiologist and intensivist! p. 164
Ashish Kulshrestha, Sukhwinder K Bajwa, Sukminderjit S Bajwa, Megha Mathur, Jatinder Kaur
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