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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2010| September-December  | Volume 4 | Issue 3  

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Critical incident reporting system: Is it the solution? p. 121
Abdelazeem El-Dawlatly
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Medical liability litigation in Saudi Arabia p. 122
Abdulhamid Hassan Al-Saeed
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Evaluation of the surgical factor in postoperative pain control p. 127
Mohamed E Shams, Hosam M Atef
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Comparative study between I-gel, a new supraglottic airway device, and classical laryngeal mask airway in anesthetized spontaneously ventilated patients p. 131
Amr M Helmy, Hossam M Atef, Ezzat M El-Taher, Ahmed Mosaad Henidak
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Study of the effect of oral gabapentin used as preemptive analgesia to attenuate post-operative pain in patients undergoing abdominal surgery under general anesthesia p. 137
Harshel G Parikh, Sananta Kumar Dash, Chitra B Upasani
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Electrolyte changes: An indirect method to assess irrigation fluid absorption complications during transurethral resection of prostate: A prospective study p. 142
Kumkum Gupta, Bhawna Rastogi, Manish Jain, Prashant K Gupta, Deepak Sharma
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Combined use of remifentanil and propofol to limit patient movement during retinal detachment surgery under local anesthesia p. 147
Abdul Kader M Mahfouz, Ashraf M Ghali
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Cisatracurium in different doses versus atracurium during general anesthesia for abdominal surgery p. 152
AM El-Kasaby, HM Atef, AM Helmy, M Abo El-Nasr
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Assessment of difficult laryngoscopy by electronically measured maxillo-pharyngeal angle on lateral cervical radiograph: A prospective study p. 158
Kumkum Gupta, Prashant K Gupta
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Comparison of esmolol and labetalol, in low doses, for attenuation of sympathomimetic response to laryngoscopy and intubation p. 163
Sarvesh P Singh, Abdul Quadir, Poonam Malhotra
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Assessment of role of perioperative melatonin in prevention and treatment of postoperative delirium after hip arthroplasty under spinal anesthesia in the elderly p. 169
Sherif S Sultan
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Superficial extraconal blockade for vitreoretinal surgery p. 174
W Riad, E Abboud, E Al-Harthi, E Kahtani, N Ahmed
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Comparison of efficacy of bupivacaine and fentanyl with bupivacaine and sufentanil for epidural labor analgesia p. 178
Sumit Kalra, Namita Saraswat, GS Agnihotri
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Awareness among resident doctors with regards to cardiac defibrillators p. 182
Rakesh Garg, Anju R Bhalotra, Amit Pruthi, Poonam Bhalotra, Raktima Anand, Nishkarsh Gupta
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Perioperative care following complex laryngotracheal reconstruction in infants and children p. 186
Punkaj Gupta, Joseph D Tobias, Sunali Goyal, Jacob E Kuperstock, Sana F Hashmi, Jennifer Shin, Christopher J Hartnick, Natan Noviski
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Perioperative care of a child with non-ketotic hyperglycinemia p. 197
Joy Allee, Joseph D Tobias
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General anesthesia for repair of omphalocele in a pair of conjoined twins in Enugu, Nigeria p. 202
HA Ezike, VO Ajuzieogu, AO Amucheazi, SO Ekenze
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Masseter muscle rigidity: Atypical malignant hyperthermia presentation or isolated event? p. 205
Tonia C. U. Onyeka
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My patient is allergic to eggs, can i use propofol? A case report and review p. 207
Jamal Tashkandi
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Laryngoscope based lighted stylet for intubation: An innovation p. 209
Harsimran Singh, Anurag Tewari, Abishek Bansal, Balvinder Kaur
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Damaged guidewire by the introducer needle tip while inserting central venous catheter in subclavian vein by supraclavicular approach p. 210
Rakesh Garg, Vijay Kumar Ramaiah, RS Chouhan
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