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Indian Journal of Dental Sciences

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2018| July-September  | Volume 10 | Issue 3  

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Comparative evaluation of the effect of a saliva substitute on the color stability of three different direct tooth-colored restorative materials: An in vitro spectrophotometric study p. 127
Sumanthini V Margasahayam, Pranjal S Walzade, Vanitha U Shenoy
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A comparative evaluation of bite force as a parameter for the stability in conventional and three-dimensional mini plates p. 133
Gyan Chand Jain, Reeta Jain, Hemlata Dwivedi
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Expression of desmosomal proteins and their implications during enamel organ morphogenesis p. 139
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Sustenance of salivary response in human population and suggestions for elderly denture wearer: An in vivo study p. 146
Devendra Chopra, Ravi Dwivedi
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Efficacy of digital volume tomography in the preoperative assessment of position of inferior alveolar canal with impacted mandibular third molars in a subset of Indian population p. 153
Biyas Bhowmik, Venkatesh G Naikmasur, Kruthika Satyabodh Guttal
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Digital learning: WhatsApp as a teaching aid in oral pathology for undergraduates p. 160
M Indu, Shalu Kandhol, Latha Mary Cherian
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Comparative evaluation of signs of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and occlusal discrepancies in asymptomatic men and women: A cross-sectional study p. 164
Mukesh Dhanda, Aaron F Gomes, S Meru, Rishi Ranjan, Ankita Devrani, Sumit Choudhary
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Management of alveolar defect with one-piece implant and index of gingival porcelain shade selection in a North Indian Youth p. 169
Devendra Chopra, Vipin Bhatnagar, Sudhanshu Srivastava
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Successful management of three-wall periodontal intrabony defect using novabone dental putty® p. 172
Roshan Prabhakar Dhonge, Anukriti Vishwakarma
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Orthodontic treatment of bimaxillary protrusion - A case with extracted maxillary lateral incisor p. 176
Suruchi Satyajit Jatol-Tekade, Satyajit Ashok Tekade, Kush Pathak, Sachin Tikekar
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Comparison of biomechanical properties of different implant-abutment connections p. 180
Kalpana Devaraju, Sanjana J Rao, Joel Koshy Joseph, Sampath Raju Kumara Kurapati
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Enlightening the path of dentistry: Lasers – A brief review p. 184
Sudhanshu Srivastava, Sumit Kumar Misra, Devendra Chopra, Purnima Sharma
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Tumor markers in oral squamous cell carcinoma as an adjunct to diagnosis: An insight p. 190
Monika Negi, Sucheta Bansal, Abhiney Puri, Rajat Nangia
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