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Journal of Global Infectious Diseases

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2012| October-December  | Volume 4 | Issue 4  

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State of the globe: Studying intestinal colonization of neonates in developing India p. 187
Sagar Galwankar, Sheetal Vanjeri
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Quantitative and qualitative study of intestinal flora in neonates p. 188
Nidhi Sharma, Rama Chaudhry, Pinaki Panigrahi
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A study on device-related infections with special reference to biofilm production and antibiotic resistance p. 193
Monil Singhai, Abida Malik, Mohd Shahid, Mohd Ashraf Malik, Rajeev Goyal
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Comparison of adenosine deaminase, zinc, magnesium, lipid profile, and some micronutrient elements and their relation with CD4 counts in human immunodeficiency virus positive and negative patients p. 199
Alireza Abdollahi, Saeed Shoar
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Chikungunya myeloradiculopathy: A rare complication p. 207
Mohana Krishnan, Rahul , Krishnamoorthy
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Fulminant leukemoid reaction due to postpartum Clostridium sordellii infection p. 209
Prabhat Agrawal, Ruchika Garg
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Malignant Fibrohisticytoma of the Knee in a Patient with HIV p. 212
Riccardo Gomes Gobbi, Daniel Seguel Rebolledo, Ana Lucia Munhoz Lima, Alexandre Leme Godoy dos Santos
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Hansen's disease with McCune-Albright syndrome p. 215
KVS Hari Kumar, P Dhull, YS Bisht
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Non-typhoidal Salmonella group D bacteremia and urosepsis in a patient diagnosed with HIV Infection p. 218
Said Abuhasna, Amer Al Jundi, Masood Ur Rahman, Walaa Said
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Peripherally-inserted central catheter-related fungemia due to hansenula polymorpha in a patient with pancreatic cancer p. 220
Musa Abubakar Garbati
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Ovarian actinomycosis: Presenting as ovarian mass without any history of intra-uterine copper device p. 222
Sunita Singh, Ashima Batra, Shivani Dua, Amrita Duhan
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