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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2013| October  | Volume 138 | Issue 4  

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Mental health & substance use: Challenges for serving older adults p. 439
Namkee G Choi, Diana M DiNitto
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Impaired function of upper limb muscles in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease p. 443
Beate Rassler
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Socio-economic dynamics of asthma p. 446
Surya Kant
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New treatment strategies for Alzheimer's disease: is there a hope? p. 449
Ivan Aprahamian, Florindo Stella, Orestes V Forlenza
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Benefits & risks of statin therapy for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Asian Indians - A population with the highest risk of premature coronary artery disease & diabetes p. 461
Enas A Enas, Arun Kuruvila, Pravien Khanna, CS Pitchumoni, Viswanathan Mohan
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Upper limb muscle strength & endurance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease p. 492
Swati Shah, Pradeep Nahar, Savita Vaidya, Sundeep Salvi
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Association of socio-economic status with family history in adult patients with asthma p. 497
Parisa Davoodi, PA Mahesh, Amrutha D Holla, Nallur B Ramachandra
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Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity amongst the community dwelling rural older adults in northern India p. 504
SC Tiwari, Garima Srivastava, Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, NM Pandey, GG Agarwal, Smita Pandey, Samyak Tiwari
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Effect of body mass index on physical self concept, cognition & academic performance of first year medical students p. 515
Shivani Agarwal, Payal Bhalla, Simran Kaur, Rashmi Babbar
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Toll-like receptors, cytokines & nitric oxide synthase in patients with otitis media with effusion p. 523
Ho Yun Lee, Ji Hyun Chung, Sun Kyu Lee, Jae Yong Byun, Young Il Kim, Seung Geun Yeo
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Evaluation of the effectiveness of diagnostic & management decision by teleophthalmology using indigenous equipment in comparison with in-clinic assessment of patients p. 531
SC Gupta, Subodh Kumar Sinha, Abhishek B Dagar
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Twelve months fixed duration WHO multidrug therapy for multibacillary leprosy: incidence of relapses in Agra field based cohort study p. 536
Anil Kumar, Anita Girdhar, BK Girdhar
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Effects of different methods of decontamination for successful cultivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis p. 541
Mitali Chatterjee, Susmita Bhattacharya, Kalpana Karak, Sujata G Dastidar
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Phenotypic & genotypic characterization of vancomycin resistant Enterococcus isolates from clinical specimens p. 549
Ira Praharaj, S Sujatha, Subhash Chandra Parija
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Assessment of phylogenetic affiliation using 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis for Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients of lower respiratory tract infection p. 557
Piyush Tripathi, Gopa Banerjee, Mahendra Kumar Gupta, Shivani Saxena, PW Ramteke
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Research & policy disconnect: The case of rabies research in India p. 560
Syed Shahid Abbas, Manish Kakkar
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Higher homocysteine levels in young Indian adults: Impact of vitamin B12 & folate deficiencies p. 562
Tuba Muftuoglu, Omer Ozcan, Alpaslan Cosar, Mustafa Gultepe
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Authors' response p. 562
SK Gupta, Jyoti Kotwal, A Kotwal, A Dhall, S Garg
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Analyzing trends- A comment on epidemiological trends of RF/RHD in school children of Shimla in north India p. 564
Sunil K Raina
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Authors' response p. 565
PC Negi, A Kanwar, Renu Chauhan, S Asotra, JS Thakur, AK Bharadwaj
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Anomalous origin of left coronary artery in an adult p. 566
Senthil Kumar Aiyappan, Upasana Ranga
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Pancreatic cancer in a case of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis p. 568
Shalabh Arora, Anjana Joel
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Sports therapy services - Organization and operations p. 569
JS Sandhu
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WHO guidelines on the pharmacological treatment of persisting pain in children with medical illness p. 570
MK Arora, Dalim Baidya
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Pediatric heart disease - A practical guide p. 571
Anita Saxena
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Errata p. 574
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