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CHRISMED Journal of Health and Research

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2015| January-March  | Volume 2 | Issue 1  

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The best time to plant a tree - state of diagnostic laboratories in India p. 1
Naveen Kakkar
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Deconstructing epidemiology p. 3
Rohina Joshi, Rohit Joshi
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Radiation induced cardiotoxicity in left sided breast cancer - Where do we stand? p. 8
Pamela Alice Kingsley, Preety Negi
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Cellular cannibalism: An insight p. 14
Deepti Sharma, George Koshy, Sonal Grover, Shinu Koshy
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Medical diagnostic laboratories provisioning of services in India p. 19
Rahi Jain, Bakul Rao
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A community participatory model of mobile dental service-survey among stakeholders p. 32
Biney Anne Thomas, Laxman Kumar Ranganathan, Mini E Jacob, Naseeb C Mann, George C Mathew, Clarence J Samuel
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Effectiveness of short-term aerobic exercise program on cardiovascular risk profile in moderate risk adults: A randomized controlled pilot study p. 38
Vijay Pratap Singh, Preeti Thakur, Bidita Khandelwal
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Role of discharge planning and other determinants in total discharge time at a large tertiary care hospital p. 46
Shweta Mehta, Jayesh Nair, Sunil Rao, Kasturi Shukla
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Profile of inmates of a special school for the mentally ill and disabled in Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu: An institution based cross-sectional study p. 51
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek S Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
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Study of determinants of nonadherence to anti-hypertensive medications in essential hypertension at a Teaching Hospital in Southern India p. 57
RC Kumaraswamy, Mohamed Murtuza Kauser, M Kasi Jagadeesh, R Uday Kumar, SR Vagesh Kumar, Asfia Afreen, KM Sudha Madhavi
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Deltamethrin ingestion with suicidal intent: A fatal outcome p. 61
Varun Kaul, Ghanshyam Saini, Sandesh Ganjoo, Anumodan Gupta, Sunil Kumar Raina
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A rare case of male infertility: Sertoli only syndrome p. 64
Babulreddy Hanmayyagari, Mounika Guntaka, Srinagesh
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Prosthetic rehabilitation of the dentate maxillectomy patient from a delayed surgical to an interim obturator: A clinical case report p. 68
Angleena Y Daniel, B Vinod
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A case report of nonhealing leg ulcer infected with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in an immunocompetent patient in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Eastern India p. 72
Kalidas Rit, Rajdeep Saha, Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, Bipasa Chakraborty
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Neuromyelitis optica with Hashimoto's thyroiditis: A new syndrome or just coincidence p. 75
Abhishek Singhai, Abhishek Agarwal, Ashwin Porwal, Rajesh Kumar Jha
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Unusual site of capillary hemangioma: Practitioner's dilemma! p. 77
Vela Desai, Priyanka Narang, Beena Varma, Sahil Maghu
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Challenges in the management of intraocular parasitic infections p. 82
Ashish Mitra, Alok Sen, Elesh Jain, Sharad Dogney
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Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis: An uncommon entity with review of literature p. 85
Monika Rathi, Satish Kumar Budania, Ankur Mittal, Mohammad Khalid, Nidhi Verma
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Feasibility and issues related to performing laparoscopic surgeries in rural areas p. 87
Sungtiakum Jamir, Gnanaraj Jesudian
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Warner and Wilson-Jones syndrome p. 91
Ramesh Uppada, Ramalakshmi V B Pullela
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