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Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology

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2011| March-April  | Volume 17 | Issue 2  

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Retrospective studies with inconsistent data: Results, conclusions and recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt p. 93
Ibrahim AlTraif
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Mimickers of intestinal tuberculosis: Could this be Crohn's disease? An unsolved enigma p. 95
Preethi G.K Venkatesh, Udayakumar Navaneethan
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Management of diabetic gastroparesis p. 97
Badr M Aljarallah
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Variceal band ligation in the prevention of variceal bleeding: A multicenter trial p. 105
Asma Ouakaa-Kchaou, Jamel Kharrat, Khaoula Mir, Boussourra Houda, Nabil Abdelli, Salem Ajmi, Msaddek Azzouz, Hatem Ben Abdallah, Nabyl Ben Mami, Slim Bouzaidi, Sofiene Chouaib, Lamia Golli, Wissem Melki, Taoufik Najjar, Hammouda Saffar, Najet Belhadj, Abdeljabbar Ghorbel
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Abdominal tuberculosis may masquerade many diseases p. 110
Sankappa P Sinhasan, Rekha B Puranik, Mohan H Kulkarni
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Effect of interferon treatment on hearing of patients with chronic Hepatitis C p. 114
Abdulrahman Hagr, Dima Jamjoom, Faisal M Sanai, Waleed Al Hamoudi, Ayman A Abdo, Ahmed Al-Arfaj
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Eosinophilic esophagitis in Saudi children: Symptoms, histology and endoscopy results p. 119
Mohammed Y Hasosah, Ghassan A Sukkar, Ashraf F Alsahafi, Adel O Thabit, Mohammed E Fakeeh, Daifulah M Al-Zahrani, Mohamed B Satti
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Generalized peritonitis requiring re-operation after leakage of omental patch repair of perforated peptic ulcer p. 124
Hemmat Maghsoudi, Alireza Ghaffari
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Discriminant value of Rome III questionnaire in dyspeptic patients p. 129
Shahab Abid, Shaheryar Siddiqui, Wasim Jafri
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Significance of platelet count in esophageal carcinomas p. 134
Ali Aminian, Faramarz Karimian, Rasoul Mirsharifi, Abbas Alibakhshi, Habibollah Dashti, Yosra Jahangiri, Saeed Safari, Hamid Ghaderi, Morteza Noaparast, Sharareh M Hasani, Alireza Mirsharifi
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Profile of hepatic encephalopathy in children with cirrhosis and response to lactulose p. 138
Praveen Sharma, Barjesh C Sharma
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Retrospective analysis of duodenal injuries: A comprehensive overview p. 142
Sanjay Pandey, Ashutosh Niranjan, Shashank Mishra, Tarun Agrawal, Basant M Singhal, Akhil Prakash, Prakash C Attri
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A new candidate as a hemostatic agent for difficult situations during variceal bleeding: Ankaferd blood stopper p. 145
Ersan Ozaslan, Tugrul Purnak, Ayla Yildiz, Ibrahim C Haznedaroglu
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Positron emission tomography scan reveals an unusual source for cervical lymphadenopathy: Right colon cancer p. 149
Silvia Palmisano, Biagio Casagranda, Giuseppe Piccinni, Nicoḷ de Manzini
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Hemobilia in a child due to right hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm: Multidetector-row computed tomography demonstration p. 152
Nisar A Wani, Tariq A Gojwari, Naseer A Khan, Tasleem L Kosar
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Carvedilol in the treatment of portal hypertension p. 155
Hamdan Al-Ghamdi
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Abdominal lump in a 32-year-old male p. 159
Ankur Gadodia, Swati Thakur, Raju Sharma
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Methodological issues in diagnostic studies p. 161
Ahmed A Sarkhy
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Surgery for esophageal cancer: Apples and oranges p. 162
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