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Noise and Health

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2014| January-February  | Volume 16 | Issue 68  

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Updated exposure-response relationship between road traffic noise and coronary heart diseases: A meta-analysis p. 1
Wolfgang Babisch
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The assessment and evaluation of low-frequency noise near the region of infrasound p. 10
Stanislav Ziaran
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Possible effects of rosuvastatin on noise-induced oxidative stress in rat brain p. 18
Alevtina Ersoy, Emine Rabia Koc, Semsettin Sahin, Ulkuhan Duzgun, Burcu Acar, Atilla Ilhan
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Prevalence and characteristics of tinnitus after leisure noise exposure in young adults p. 26
Sofie Degeest, Paul Corthals, Bart Vinck, Hannah Keppler
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Please silence your cell phone: Your ringtone captures other people's attention p. 34
Jan P Röer, Raoul Bell, Axel Buchner
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Evaluation of the noise exposure of symphonic orchestra musicians p. 40
Matilde Alexandra Rodrigues, Marisa Alexandra Freitas, Maria Paula Neves, Manuela Vieira Silva
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Noise sensitivity and diminished health: Testing moderators and mediators of the relationship p. 47
Erin M Hill, Rex Billington, Chris Krägeloh
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Auditory stimulation with music influences the geometric indices of heart rate variability in response to the postural change maneuver p. 57
Bianca C. R. de Castro, Heraldo L Guida, Adriano L Roque, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Celso Ferreira, Renata S Marcomini, Carlos B. M. Monteiro, Fernando Adami, Viviane F Ribeiro, Fernando L. A. Fonseca, Vilma N. S. Santos, Vitor E Valenti
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Development of a traffic noise prediction model for an urban environment p. 63
Asheesh Sharma, GL Bodhe, G Schimak
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