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Noise and Health

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2016| March-April  | Volume 18 | Issue 81  

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Exposure-response relationship of wind turbine noise with self-reported symptoms of sleep and health problems: A nationwide socioacoustic survey in Japan p. 53
Takayuki Kageyama, Takashi Yano, Sonoko Kuwano, Shinichi Sueoka, Hideki Tachibana
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Comparison of direct measurement methods for headset noise exposure in the workplace p. 62
Flora G Nassrallah, Christian Giguere, Hilmi R Dajani, Nicolas N Ellaham
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Comparison of staff and family perceptions of causes of noise pollution in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and suggested intervention strategies p. 78
Harsheen Kaur, Gina M Rohlik, Michael E Nemergut, Sandeep Tripathi
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Noise and sleep on board vessels in the Royal Norwegian Navy p. 85
Erlend Sunde, Magne Bratveit, Stale Pallesen, Bente Elisabeth Moen
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Therapeutic role of Vitamin B12 in patients of chronic tinnitus: A pilot study p. 93
Charu Singh, Rahul Kawatra, Jaya Gupta, Vishnu Awasthi, Homnath Dungana
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Student's music exposure: Full-day personal dose measurements p. 98
Nilesh Jeevandas Washnik, Susan L Phillips, Sandra Teglas
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Effect of personal music system use on sacculocollic reflex assessed by cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potential: A preliminary investigation p. 104
Niraj Kumar Singh, Chithra Sobha Sasidharan
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Call centers and noise-induced hearing loss p. 113
Ayse Coskun Beyan, Yucel Demiral, Arif Hikmet Cimrin, Alparslan Ergor
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