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Oman Journal of Ophthalmology

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2017| January-April  | Volume 10 | Issue 1  

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Day care ophthalmic surgeries at a secondary care hospital in Oman: Our experience p. 1
Jagdish Bhatia, Bindu Narayanadas, Albert Alfy Hafez Gad, Mathew Varghese, Makari Adel Mansi
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Applications of polymers in intraocular drug delivery systems p. 3
Ali Mohammed Alhalafi
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Interobserver reliability when using the Van Herick method to measure anterior chamber depth p. 9
Ahmed Javed, Mohamed Loutfi, Stephen Kaye, Mark Batterbury
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Mobile unit for retinopathy of prematurity screening and management at urban Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Outcomes and impact assessment p. 13
Jai Kelkar, Supriya Agashe, Aditya Kelkar, Rajiv Khandekar
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Changes in intraocular pressure after exercise test p. 17
Morteza Abdar Esfahani, Mojgan Gharipour, Hamid Fesharakinia
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Association of angiotensin-converting enzyme, CYP46A1 genes polymorphism with senile cataract p. 21
Syed Tasleem Raza, Shania Abbas, Anu Chandra, Luxmi Singh, Saliha Rizvi, Farzana Mahdi
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Retinopathy of prematurity: Revisiting incidence and risk factors from Oman compared to other countries p. 26
Zenaida Soriano Reyes, Sharef Waadallah Al-Mulaabed, Flordeliz Bataclan, Cheryl Montemayor, Anuradha Ganesh, Sanaa Al-Zuhaibi, Huda Al-Waili, Fatma Al-Wahibi
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Polycythemia causing posterior segment vascular occlusions p. 33
Suganeswari Ganesan, Rajiv Raman, Tarun Sharma
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Scleral buckle infection by Serratia species p. 36
Ramesh Venkatesh, Manisha Agarwal, Shalini Singh, Rahul Mayor, Aditya Bansal
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Vitrectomy for vitreopapillary traction in a nondiabetic 16-year-old girl p. 38
CK Nagesha, Pukhraj Rishi, Ekta Rishi
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Autoimmune retinopathy: A case report from India p. 40
Sudha K Ganesh, Arshee S Ahmed
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Choroidal neovascularization secondary to ocular penetration during retrobulbar anesthesia and its treatment p. 44
Seyhan Dikci, Turgut Yılmaz, Zarife Ekici Gök, Soner Demirel, Oğuzhan Genç
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Stones, bones, groans, thrones, and psychiatric overtones: Systemic associations of sclerochoroidal calcification p. 47
Jordan A Sugarman, Alexzandra M Douglass, Emil Anthony T Say, Carol L Shields
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Lipemia retinalis in 1-month-old infant p. 50
Neha C Jain, Jyothi Vanteri, Parag K Shah, Venkatapathy Narendran
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Pigment dispersion syndrome associated with spontaneous subluxation of crystalline lens p. 52
Vikas Veerwal, Jawahar Lal Goyal, Parul Jain, Ritu Arora
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Congenital preretinal arterial loop: Is it a misnomer? p. 54
Rajiv Raman, Laxmi Gella, MS Kazi
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A case of unilateral non-dilating small pupil p. 56
Pratik Yogesh Doshi, Pradnya Jayant Kamat, Ugam P. S Usgaonkar
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A rare case of bilateral congenital dacryocele p. 57
Gauri Bhushan, Usha Raina Kaul, Apurva Mahendra Gorey, Neha Rathie
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