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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2016| January-February  | Volume 26 | Issue 1  

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Cardiac and vascular changes with kidney transplantation p. 1
A Ali, I Macphee, JC Kaski, D Banerjee
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Prevalence and predictors of chronic kidney disease in newly diagnosed human immunodeficiency virus patients in Owerri, Nigeria p. 10
EN Anyabolu, II Chukwuonye, E Arodiwe, CK Ijoma, I Ulasi
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Biopsy-proven renal disease in Ile-Ife, Nigeria: A histopathologic review p. 16
IM Onwubuya, KA Adelusola, D Sabageh, KN Ezike, OO Olaofe
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Survival of elderly dialysis patients is not dependent on modality or “older” age p. 23
T Jeloka, P Sanwaria, A Periera, S Pawar
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Validity of nutrition risk index as a malnutrition screening tool compared with subjective global assessment in end-stage renal disease patients on peritoneal dialysis p. 27
N Prasad, A Sinha, A Gupta, D Bhadauria, R Manjunath, A Kaul, RK Sharma
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Fetuin-A and vascular calcification in Indian end-stage renal disease population p. 33
A Mann, V Makkar, S Mann, P Dhamija, P Soundarajan
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Dobrin syndrome: A case report and review of the literature p. 39
KI Al Qumaizi, K Halim, KA Brekeit
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Plasma exchange in Immunoglobulin A nephropathy with thrombotic microangiopathy and acute cortical necrosis p. 42
P Doddi, K Gowda, R Ramachandran, R Nada, V Kumar, M Rathi, HS Kohli, KL Gupta
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Cytomegalovirus infection inducing flare of Behcet's disease with possible recurrence of glomerulonephritis after renal transplantation p. 45
RA Annigeri, M Rajagopalan, RM Mani, SS Kaveripattu
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An unusual case of cocoon abdomen in a patient on hemodialysis p. 49
A Jaryal, M Rathi, A Bal, A Goyal, R Ramachandran, V Kumar, HS Kohli, KL Gupta
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Ataxia in a chronic kidney disease patient on anti-tubercular therapy p. 52
D Pathania, MK Phanish, J Vishal, V Kher
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An unusual case of nephrotic syndrome p. 55
M Sahay, PS Vali, K Ismal, S Gowrishankar, MD Padua, M Swain
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Renal lymphangiectasia: One disease, many names! p. 57
K Bansal, B Sureka, S Pargewar, A Arora
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Bladder diverticula p. 59
PK Guru, DR Reddy, CE Daniels
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Pityriasis rubra pilaris and mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis in a child: Association or coincidence? p. 61
S Sarkar, S Misra, M Nandi
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Nephrotic syndrome and acute renal failure as a presenting symptom of acute lymphoblastic leukemia p. 62
HR Pahadiya, M Lakhotia, R Gandhi, A Choudhary
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Chronic active antibody mediated rejection associated with human leukocyte antigen-C*07 antibodies p. 63
P Dorwal, M Phanish, R Duggal, R Chauhan, V Raina, V Kher
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Adnexal torsion in an adolescent renal transplant recipient p. 66
VV Mishra, T Tanvir, R Aggarwal, R Nawal
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Purple urine bag syndrome in chronic kidney disease p. 67
P Sriramnaveen, YS Reddy, AVSSN Sridhar, CK Kishore, Y Manjusha, V Sivakumar
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Act faster for your chronic kidney disease patients p. 69
AK Dey, A Taraphder
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