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International Journal of Yoga

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2013| January-June  | Volume 6 | Issue 1  

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From meditation to dhyana p. 1
TM Srinivasan
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Sudarshan kriya yoga: Breathing for health p. 4
Sameer A Zope, Rakesh A Zope
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Yoga experience as a predictor of psychological wellness in women over 45 years p. 11
N Moliver, EM Mika, MS Chartrand, RE Haussmann, SBS Khalsa
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Comparison of lymphocyte apoptotic index and qualitative DNA damage in yoga practitioners and breast cancer patients: A pilot study p. 20
Amritanshu Ram, Birendranath Banerjee, Vadiraja S Hosakote, Raghavendra M Rao, Raghuram Nagarathna
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Voluntary heart rate reduction following yoga using different strategies p. 26
BR Raghavendra, S Telles, NK Manjunath, KK Deepak, KV Naveen, P Subramanya
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Effect of yoga exercise therapy on oxidative stress indicators with end-stage renal disease on hemodialysis p. 31
Lorenzo Gordon, Donovan A McGrowder, Yeiny T Pena, Elsa Cabrera, Marilyn B Lawrence-Wright
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Effect of the integrated approach of yoga therapy on platelet count and uric acid in pregnancy: A multicenter stratified randomized single-blind study p. 39
R Jayashree, A Malini, A Rakhshani, HR Nagendra, S Gunasheela, R Nagarathna
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Yogic practice and diabetes mellitus in geriatric patients p. 47
K Beena Rani, E Sreekumaran
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The effect of pranayama on test anxiety and test performance p. 55
Azadeh Nemati
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Effects of yoga practice on acumeridian energies: Variance reduction implies benefits for regulation p. 61
Niharika Nagilla, Alex Hankey, HR Nagendra
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Reducing psychological distress and obesity through Yoga practice p. 66
S Dhananjai, Sadashiv , Sunita Tiwari, Krishna Dutt, Rajjan Kumar
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A preliminary clinical evaluation of external snehan and asanas in the patients of sciatica p. 71
Akhilesh K Singh, Om P Singh
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Effects of yoga on functional capacity and well being p. 76
Pooja Akhtar, Sujata Yardi, Murtaza Akhtar
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Mindfulness, an integrated approach for cessation of smoking in workplace p. 80
Mahendra P Sharma, Manoj Kumar Sharma
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Intellectual disabilities and yoga p. 80
Satendra Singh
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The science of Yoga: The risks and the rewards p. 82
BR Raghavendra
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