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Industrial Psychiatry Journal

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2017| January-June  | Volume 26 | Issue 1  

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Child sexual abuse: The suffering untold p. 1
Kalpana Srivastava, Suprakash Chaudhury, PS Bhat, Prajakta Patkar
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Child sexual abuse and the development of psychiatric disorders: a neurobiological trajectory of pathogenesis p. 4
Amresh K Shrivastava, Sagar B Karia, Sushma S Sonavane, Avinash A De Sousa
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Stressful life events and severity of alcohol consumption in male psychiatric inpatients p. 13
Amitabh Saha, Suprakash Chaudhury, Daniel Saldanha, Kalpana Srivastava
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Prevalence and patterns of tobacco use and nicotine dependence among males industrial workers p. 19
KJ Divinakumar, P Patra, Jyoti Prakash, Arun Daniel
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Clinico-psycho-social profile of patients brought under consultation-liaison psychiatry care in a large tertiary care referral hospital p. 24
P Patra, KJ Divinakumar, Jyoti Prakash, B Patra, R Chakraborty
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Characteristics of suicidal attempts among farmers in rural South India p. 28
Ravi S Kumar, Uzma Hashim
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Lifetime alcohol consumption and severity in alcohol dependence syndrome p. 34
Arun Kumar Dwivedi, Kaushik Chatterjee, Ranveer Singh
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Failure to utilize feedback during explicit decision-making task in alcohol-dependent patients p. 39
BN Roopesh, Manoj K Sharma, Saswatika Tripathy, Vivek Benegal
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Study of personality traits, individual coping resources, and their association in HIV-seropositive males p. 45
Prateek Yadav, Debajyoti Bhattacharyya, Kalpana Srivastava, Neha Salhotra
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Images of psychiatry: Attitude survey of teaching medical specialists of India p. 52
Suravi Patra, Binod Kumar Patro, Naresh Nebhinani
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Cross-sectional study of anxiety symptoms in students in preexamination period p. 56
Prateek Yadav, Vinay Singh Chauhan, PS Bhat, Nidhi Agarwal, Charu Yadav, Sameer Bhatia
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Stress and suicidal ideation among adolescents having academic difficulty p. 64
Priti Arun, Rohit Garg, Bir Singh Chavan
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A study on different forms of intelligence in Indian school-going children p. 71
Yashpal Singh, Archita Makharia, Abhilasha Sharma, Kruti Agrawal, Gowtham Varma, Tarun Yadav
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Effect of type of schooling and gender on sociability and shyness among students p. 77
Archana Singh, Rajbir Singh
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Study of insomnia in rotating shift-workers p. 82
Kaushik Chatterjee, Prakash Ambekar
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Prevalence of depression and its relation to stress level among medical students in Puducherry, India p. 86
S Ganesh Kumar, Shivanand Kattimani, Sonali Sarkar, Sitanshu Sekhar Kar
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A descriptive study of behavioral problems in schoolgoing children p. 91
Anindya Kumar Gupta, Monica Mongia, Ajoy Kumar Garg
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A study of individuals with intentional self-harm referred to psychiatry in a tertiary care center p. 95
Bheemsain Tekkalaki, Anil Nischal, Adarsh Tripathi, Amit Arya
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Valproate induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy treated by haemodialysis p. 99
Vinay Singh Chauhan, Siddarth Dixit, Sunil Goyal, Sudip Azad
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Clozapine-induced hypertension: A case report and review of literature p. 103
Sandeep Grover, Swapnajeet Sahoo, Sonali Mahajan
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Selfie use: The implications for psychopathology expression of body dysmorphic disorder p. 106
Anisha Khanna, Manoj Kumar Sharma
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