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Radiation Protection and Environment

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2017| July-December  | Volume 40 | Issue 3  

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Radon in workplaces: An update p. 107
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Analysis and statistical treatment of 238U series isotopic ratios using gamma-ray spectrometry in phosphate samples p. 110
Kh A Allam, Z Ahmed, Samy El-Sharkawy, Ahmed Salman
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Development of cluster count algorithm for radiation measurement using complementary metal oxide semiconductor camera p. 116
Aatef Shaikh, Mukesh K Sharma, MS Kulkarni, Jis Romal, Ashutosh Gupta, Probal Chaudhury
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Thermal neutrons of the terrestrial origin in the Brazilian region p. 121
Anatoly Alexandrovich Gusev, Inacio Malmonge Martin
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Distribution and disequilibrium of natural radionuclides in the black shale from Wadi Naseib area, Southwest Sinai, and their environmental hazard indices p. 126
Mahmoud R Khattab, Osama A Ebyan, Mohamed AE Abdel-rahman
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Variation of ambient gamma dose rate and indoor radon/thoron concentration in different villages of Udhampur district, Jammu and Kashmir State, India p. 133
Sumit Sharma, Ajay Kumar, Rohit Mehra
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Measurement of dose reduction factors for X-rays and its relevance in eye lens monitoring applications p. 142
Munish Kumar, Sunil Kumar Singh, Uma P Gaonkar, SD Sharma, P Ratna, DK Koul, MS Kulkarni, D Datta
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Assessment of radioactivity in the soil samples from Imphal city, India, and its radiological implication p. 149
B Arunkumar Sharma, Nabadwip Sarangthem Singh, Priya Thiyam Devi, Hirakendu Basu, Sudeshna Saha, RK Singhal
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Study of natural radioactivity (226Ra, 232Th, and 40K) in soil samples for the assessment of average effective dose and radiation hazard parameters p. 154
S Nabadwip Singh, B Arunkumar Sharma, Th Priya Devi
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A brief summary of ICRP publication 136: Dose coefficients for nonhuman biota environmentally exposed to radiation p. 159
DD Rao
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