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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2013| January-February  | Volume 23 | Issue 1  

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Are oral protein supplements helpful in the management of malnutrition in dialysis patients? p. 1
TK Jeloka, G Dharmatti, T Jamdade, M Pandit
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Clinical features, epidemiology, and short-term outcomes of proliferative lupus nephritis in Eastern India p. 5
D Sircar, G Sircar, R Waikhom, A Raychowdhury, R Pandey
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Microbiological aspects of peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis p. 12
S Vikrant, RC Guleria, A Kanga, BS Verma, D Singh, SK Dheer
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Association between high molecular weight apolipoprotein isoforms and lipoprotein levels in advanced chronic kidney disease and the effect of hemodialysis p. 18
JK Gambhir, OP Kalra, A Khaira, H Kaur
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Hospital-acquired acute kidney injury in medical, surgical, and intensive care unit: A comparative study p. 24
TB Singh, SS Rathore, TA Choudhury, VK Shukla, DK Singh, J Prakash
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Outcomes and characteristics of intermittent hemodialysis for acute kidney injury in an intensive care unit p. 30
S Sankarasubbaiyan, JD Janardan, P Kaur
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Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, insulin resistance, and endothelial dysfunction in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease p. 34
K Turkmen, F Tufan, E Selšuk, T Akpinar, H Oflaz, T Ecder
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Calcineurin inhibitor induced nephrotoxicity in steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome p. 41
A Sinha, A Sharma, A Mehta, R Gupta, A Gulati, P Hari, AK Dinda, A Bagga
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Neonatal Bartter syndrome associated with ileal atresia and cystic fibrosis p. 47
AO Akuma, SK Mittal, AA Sambo
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Cerebral infarction in patient with minimal change nephrotic syndrome p. 51
A Babu, P Boddana, S Robson, L Ludeman
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Encephalopathy secondary to isoniazid in patients on hemodialysis p. 54
MT Abbas, FY Khan, S Sulimon, A Baidaa
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Sternal tuberculosis in a patient with chronic kidney disease p. 57
M Yadla, S Reddy, P Sriramnaveen, CK Kishore, A. V. S. S. N Sridhar, AY Lakshmi, B Vijayalakshmi, B Phanindra, V Sivakumar
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Bilateral psoas and bilateral perinephric abscesses complicating acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy p. 59
I Veerappan, A Shanmugam, S Kumar, P Velayutham
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Nephrotic syndrome associated with meningioma p. 63
PP Zachariah, A Mathew, R Rajesh, G Kurien, VN Unni
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Sunitinib induced nephrotic syndrome and thrombotic microangiopathy p. 67
PK Jha, M Vankalakunti, V Siddini, R Bonu, GK Prakash, K Babu, HS Ballal
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Combined approach with therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenomics in renal transplant recipients p. 71
S Manvizhi, BS Mathew, DH Fleming, G Basu, GT John
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Plasmodium vivax malaria presenting as hemolytic uremic syndrome p. 74
MP Patel, VB Kute, MR Gumber, DN Gera, PR Shah, HV Patel, HL Trivedi, AV Vanikar
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Nephrotic syndrome after thymectomy for myasthenia gravis p. 75
VB Kute, PR Shah, JD Shrimali, MR Gumber, HV Patel, AV Vanikar, HL Trivedi
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Focal xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis presenting as renal tumor p. 76
S Shinde, DK Kandpal, SK Chowdhary
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Close encounter with destiny: Lessons learnt p. 77
S Krishnan
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Post-renal transplant Kaposi's sarcoma of skin p. 78
DN Gera, DK Yadav, SB Patil, MP Patel
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Benzene hexachloride poisoning with rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury p. 80
PR Shah, VB Kute, MR Gumber, HV Patel, MP Patel, DK Yadav, AV Vanikar, HL Trivedi
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