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Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research

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2012| January-March  | Volume 3 | Issue 1  

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Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research p. 1
Upendra Nagaich
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Drug discovery: Past and present p. 2
Rajani Giridhar
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Electronic tongue: An analytical gustatory tool p. 3
Rewanthwar Swathi Latha, PK Lakshmi
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Intraperiodontal pocket: An ideal route for local antimicrobial drug delivery p. 9
Sreeja C Nair, KR Anoop
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Dietary-induced cancer prevention: An expanding research arena of emerging diet related to healthcare system p. 16
Dilipkumar Pal, Subham Banerjee, Ashoke Kumar Ghosh
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Technological study of preparing gel from semi-solid extract of Cacalia hastata L. p. 25
D Jambaninj, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Syed Wasif Gillani, TS Davaasuren, G Erdenetsetseg, D Dungerdorj
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Response surface methodology and process optimization of sustained release pellets using Taguchi orthogonal array design and central composite design p. 30
Gurinder Singh, Roopa S Pai, V Kusum Devi
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Effect of different solvent extracts of Benincasa hispida T. on experimental hypochlorhydria in rat p. 41
Upanandan Mandal, Debasis De, Kazi Monjur Ali, Anjan Biswas, Debidas Ghosh
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Hypoglycemic activity of Cassia javanica Linn. in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats p. 47
Urmila C Kumavat, Shraddha N Shimpi, Sandesh P Jagdale
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Antidiabetic effect of a black mangrove species Aegiceras corniculatum in alloxan-induced diabetic rats p. 52
S Gurudeeban, K Satyavani, T Ramanathan, T Balasubramanian
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Design, synthesis, and antimicrobial screening of novel pyridyl-2-amidrazone incorporated isatin mannich bases p. 57
N Saravana Kumar, T Pradeep, G Jani, Divya Silpa, B Vijaya Kumar
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Incidence of adverse drug reactions in human immune deficiency virus-positive patients using highly active antiretroviral therapy p. 62
B Akshaya Srikanth, S Chandra Babu, Harlokesh Narayan Yadav, Sunil Kumar Jain
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Chitosan-alginate microcapsules of amoxicillin for gastric stability and mucoadhesion p. 68
Saahil Arora, RD Budhiraja
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Use of minocycline as systemic antimicrobial therapy in refractory periodontitis with chronic gingival enlargement p. 75
Parag M Khatri, Rajesh Kumar
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