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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2011| April-June  | Volume 21 | Issue 2  

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Diabetic nephropathy - Epidemiology in Asia and the current state of treatment p. 75
E Ritz, X Zeng
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Bone mineral density in patients with end-stage renal disease and its evolution after kidney transplantation p. 85
S Govindarajan, N Khandelwal, V Sakhuja, V Jha
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Fetuin-A, inflammation, and coronary artery calcification in hemodialysis patients p. 90
K Turkmen, N Gorgulu, M Uysal, A Ozkok, T Sakaci, A Unsal, A Yildiz
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Effect of changes in the intravascular volume during hemodialysis on blood viscoelasticity p. 95
G Metry, R Adhikarla, D Schneditz, C Ronco, NW Levin
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Polyphenolic fraction of Algerian propolis protects rat kidney against acute oxidative stress induced by doxorubicin p. 101
K Boutabet, W Kebsa, M Alyane, M Lahouel
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Tunneled central venous catheters: Experience from a single center p. 107
K Sampathkumar, M Ramakrishnan, AK Sah, Y Sooraj, A Mahaldhar, R Ajeshkumar
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Non-infectious complications of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and their impact on technique survival p. 112
J Prakash, LK Sharatchandra Singh, S Shreeniwas, B Ghosh, TB Singh
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Postinfectious glomerulonephritis: Is there a role for steroids? p. 116
AS Kapadia, M Panda, AB Fogo
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Ulcerative colitis after renal transplantation: A case report and review of literature p. 120
S Parameswaran, K Singh, R Nada, M Rathi, H Kohli, V Jha, K Gupta, V Sakhuja
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Giant cell transformation of podocytes: A unique histological feature associated with cystinosis p. 123
A Sharma, R Gupta, SK Sethi, A Bagga, AK Dinda
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Late post-transplant erythrocytosis in a hepatitis C-positive allograft recipient on sirolimus p. 126
A.A.M. Ali, P Khanna, A Mehrotra, G Abraham
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Cytomegalovirus and Leishmania donovani coinfection in a renal allograft recipient p. 128
N Prasad, A Gupta, RK Sharma, S Gopalakrishnan, V Agrawal, M Jain
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Upper arm brachial-axillary translocated superficial femoral vein for hemodialysis p. 132
N Sedki, Y Zrihni, H Jiber, TS Houssaini, A Bouarhroum
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Renal iron deposition in aplastic anemia: Magnetic resonance imaging appearance p. 134
KS Madhusudhan, R Oberoi
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Renal evolution: Crossword p. 136
A Gupta, M Biyani
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Drug-induced hemolytic uremic syndrome p. 137
G Li Cavoli, A Ferrantelli, C Tortorici, L Bono, C Giammarresi, R Passantino, U Rotolo
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Graft survival after living donor transplantation p. 138
MK Mani
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Authors' reply p. 138
J Hassanzadeh, AA Hashiani, A Rajaeefard, H Salahi, E Khedmati, F Kakaei
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Ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrostomy p. 139
AP Ganpule
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Reaction size in tuberculin test positivity in hemodialysis patients - Authors' reply p. 139
SK Agarwal, S Gupta, D Bhowmik, S Mahajan
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