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Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine

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2017| April-June  | Volume 3 | Issue 2  

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Preface p. 47
Alex Biedermann, Baosheng Zhang
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Development of quality control system for fingerprint comparison processes p. 49
Shiquan Liu, Zhongliang Mi, Francisco Valente Gonçalves, Jian Wu, Kelly Ayers
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Comparison of vacuum metal deposition and 1,2-indandione/ninhydrin reagent method for the development of fingerprints on renminbi p. 55
Cong Wang, Zunlei Qian, Wei Li, Yaping Luo
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Discrimination of handlebar grip samples by fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy analysis and statistics p. 63
Zeyu Lin, Bing Li, Ran Du, Ziwei Wei, Yuanfeng Wang
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Study on the relationship of continuous laser printing and the distance of trace on the OPC p. 68
Xingzhou Han, Yuanli Han, Xiaoguang Wang
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The shifting landscape of latent print testimony: an american perspective p. 72
Heidi Eldridge
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The rational thinking of expert opinion and communicating in courtroom p. 82
Bing Li, Yuanfeng Wang
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Mandatory appearances of forensic examiner for cross-examination in court and related systemic improvement under china's criminal procedure p. 85
Jianye Qu, Min Guo
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Research and realization of ten-print data quality control techniques for imperial scale automated fingerprint identification system p. 90
Qian Wang, Wei Wang, Wei Zhang, Tong Zhao, Guangnv Jin
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Homicidal abuse of young children: A historical perspective p. 97
Rudy J Castellani, Joyce L deJong, Carl J Schmidt
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