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Noise and Health

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2011| March-April  | Volume 13 | Issue 51  

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Introduction to the special issue: Hearing protection state of the art p. 85
Rickie R Davis
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Relationship between comfort and attenuation measurements for two types of earplugs p. 86
David C Byrne, Rickie R Davis, Peter B Shaw, Burgundy M Specht, Amy N Holland
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Heat and humidity buildup under earmuff-type hearing protectors p. 93
Rickie R Davis, Peter B Shaw
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The challenge of localizing vehicle backup alarms: Effects of passive and electronic hearing protectors, ambient noise level, and backup alarm spectral content p. 99
Khaled A Alali, John G Casali
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Hearing loss prevention for carpenters: Part 1 - Using health communication and health promotion models to develop training that works p. 113
Carol Merry Stephenson, Mark R Stephenson
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Hearing loss prevention for carpenters: Part 2 - Demonstration projects using individualized and group training p. 122
Mark R Stephenson, Peter B Shaw, Carol Merry Stephenson, Pamela S Graydon
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Effects of training on hearing protector attenuation p. 132
William J Murphy, Mark R Stephenson, David C Byrne, Brad Witt, Jesse Duran
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Noise-induced hearing loss in agriculture: Creating partnerships to overcome barriers and educate the community on prevention p. 142
Janet J Ehlers, Pamela S Graydon
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Fit-testing hearing protectors: An idea whose time has come p. 147
Lee D Hager
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Individual fit-testing of earplugs: A review of uses p. 152
Theresa Y Schulz
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Development and validation of a field microphone-in-real-ear approach for measuring hearing protector attenuation p. 163
EH Berger, J Voix, RW Kieper, C Le Cocq
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Symphony orchestra musicians' use of hearing protection and attenuation of custom-made hearing protectors as measured with two different real-ear attenuation at threshold methods p. 176
KH Huttunen, VP Sivonen, VT Pöykkö
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A qualitative assessment of the performance of electronic, level-dependent earmuffs when used on firing ranges p. 189
Warwick Williams
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Role of continuous monitoring in a hearing conservation program p. 195
Kevin Michael, Ed Tougaw, Ronda Wilkinson
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