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Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine

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2016| January-March  | Volume 2 | Issue 1  

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Changes of Adenylate Cyclase and Guanylate Cyclase in the Frontal Cortex, Lenticula, Corpus Amygdaloideum, and Hippocampus in Morphine-dependent Rats p. 1
Shijun Hong, Dongxian Zhang, Lihua Li
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Estimation of the Postmortem Interval by Measuring Blood Oxidation-reduction Potential Values p. 8
Zhuqing Jiang, Meng You, Xu Wang, Di Lu, Haidong Zhang, Shengli Di, Fengqin Zhang, Zhaoming Guo, Xiaofei E, Lin Chang, Jian Xiang, Rufeng Bai, Tiantong Yang
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Psychotropic Medication Refusal: Reasons and Patients' Perception at a Secure Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Centre p. 12
Olajide O Adelugba, Mansfield Mela, Inam U Haq
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Determination of Diphenylamine in Gunshot Residue by HPLC-MS/MS p. 18
Hongcheng Mei, Yangke Quan, Wenhao Wang, Hong Zhou, Zhanfang Liu, Huixia Shi, Peng Wang
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The Hot Issues and Future Direction of Forensic Document Examination in China p. 22
Bing Li
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An Alternative to the Adversarial: Studies on Challenges of Court-appointed Experts p. 28
Zhuhao Wang
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Practical Straits of the Forensic Examination in China p. 33
Zhong Zhang
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Significance of Dental Records in Personal Identification in Forensic Sciences p. 39
Vagish Kumar L Shanbhag
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Forensic Dental Identification: Practice in Indian Context Compared to Western Countries p. 44
Sudheer B Balla
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Integration of Trace Images in Three-dimensional Crime Scene Reconstruction p. 48
Quentin Milliet, Eric Germain Sapin
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Meckel-Gruber Syndrome: Autopsy Based Approach to Diagnosis p. 53
Asaranti Kar, Ipsita Dhal, Neha Madurwar, Shyama Kanungo
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Choking or Epilepsy p. 57
Raktim Pratim Tamuli, Debarshee Chakraborty, Nayan Kumar Das, Braja Gopal Das
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Application of a Standard Procedure to Avoid Errors When Comparing Fingerprints with Their Reversals in Fake Documents p. 60
Carlos Magno Alves Girelli
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