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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2009| April-June  | Volume 27 | Issue 2  

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Season's greetings from Davangere, Karnataka p. 77
VV Subba Reddy
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A review of tobacco cessation services for youth in the dental clinic p. 78
A Vanka, NM Roshan, KS Ravi, ND Shashikiran
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A scanning electron microscope study of prevalence of accessory canals on the pulpal floor of deciduous molars p. 85
VD Kumar
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An in-vitro comparison of visual inspection, bite-wing radiography, and laser fluorescence methods for the diagnosis of occlusal caries p. 90
SJ Pourhashemi, A Jafari, P Motahhari, M Panjnoosh, MJ Kharrazi Fard, I Sanati, M Sahadfar, M Pariab
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Effectiveness of circumoral muscle exercises in the developing dentofacial morphology in adenotonsillectomized children: An ultrasonographic evaluation p. 94
UM Das, JP Beena
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Tooth brushing skills for the children aged 3-11 years p. 104
UM Das, P Singhal
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Bilateral fusion of mandibular primary teeth p. 108
P Chalakkal, AM Thomas
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Two new methods for direct bonding 'lingual retainers' p. 111
PJ Vibhute
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Ankylosis of temporomandibular joint in children p. 116
UM Das, R Keerthi, DP Ashwin, R VenkataSubramanian, D Reddy, N Shiggaon
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Craniofacial features in Goldenhar syndrome p. 121
C Vinay, R Sudhakara Reddy, KS Uloopi, V Madhuri, R Chandra Sekhar
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Multidisciplinary approach on rehabilitation of primary teeth traumatism repercussion on the permanent successor: 6-year follow-up case report p. 125
ACV Mello-Moura, GAVC Bonini, SS Suga, RS Navarro, MT Wanderley
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Dentin dysplasia type I with pyogenic granuloma in a 12-year-old girl p. 131
SVSG Nirmala, N Sivakumar, K Usha
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