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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2016| November-December  | Volume 26 | Issue 6  

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Kidney donation: Clinical practice and ethical dilemmas p. 391
D Basu, A Ghosh
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Attitude of medical professionals regarding controversial issues in kidney donation/transplantation p. 393
N Almeida, RF Almeida, K Almeida, A Almeida
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Assessment of hemodialysis adequacy in patients with chronic kidney disease in the hemodialysis unit at Tanta University Hospital in Egypt p. 398
M El-Sheikh, G El-Ghazaly
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End-stage renal disease in Tunisian infants: Etiology and outcome p. 405
M Jellouli, A Boussetta, K Abidi, Y Hammi, C Zarrouk, T Gargah
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Development and validation of limited sampling strategy equation for mycophenolate mofetil in children with systemic lupus erythematosus p. 408
R Prabha, BS Mathew, V Jeyaseelan, TS Kumar, I Agarwal, DH Fleming
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Prevalence of obesity and risk of chronic kidney disease among young adults in Egypt p. 413
M Fouad, MI Ismail, A Gaballah, E Reyad, S ELdeeb
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Effect of Ferula assa-foetida oleo-gum-resin on renal function in normal Wistar rats p. 419
SM Bagheri, H Mohammadsadeghi, MH Dashti-R, SMM Mousavian, ZA Aghaei
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Follow-up rates of living kidney donor in Japan: A single center study p. 423
N Imai, Y Shibagaki, M Yazawa, K Kitajima, R Nakazawa, H Sasaki, T Chikaraishi
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Snakebite mediated acute kidney injury, prognostic predictors, oxidative and carbonyl stress: A prospective study p. 427
P Mukhopadhyay, R Mishra, D Mukherjee, R Mishra, M Kar
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Identification of urinary proteins potentially associated with diabetic kidney disease p. 434
RK Marikanty, MK Gupta, SVB Cherukuvada, SSS Kompella, AK Prayaga, S Konda, RV Polisetty, MM Idris, PV Rao, GR Chandak, KV Dakshinamurty
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Acute kidney injury associated with ingestion of star fruit: Acute oxalate nephropathy p. 446
AK Barman, R Goel, M Sharma, PJ Mahanta
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White collar rhabdomyolysis with acute kidney injury p. 449
RK Bhakthavatsalam, G Venu, P Krishnam Raju, HC Madhusudan
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Mixed acid-base disorder secondary to topiramate use in traumatic brain injury p. 452
S Golla, U Anandh, A Balasubramaniam
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Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome in a 5-year-old Iranian boy p. 455
K Goudarzipour, N Zavvar, B Behnam, MA Ahmadi
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Combined surgical and immunosupressive therapy for encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis p. 458
PK Bipi, N Gracious, S Kumar, J George
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Acquired Bartter syndrome following gentamicin therapy p. 461
J Singh, ML Patel, KK Gupta, S Pandey, A Dinkar
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Saprochaete capitata fungal infection in renal transplant recipient p. 464
S Mandarapu, V Krishna, SB Raju, U Pamidimukkala, S Nimmagadda
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An interesting case of renal amyloidosis p. 467
A Hajra, D Bandyopadhyay
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Magnetic resonance imaging as problem-solving tool in renal pseudotumor in chronic kidney disease: A case of nodular compensatory hypertrophy p. 470
V Indiran
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Spontaneous callosal hemorrhage in a child on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis p. 472
DN Gera, VA Ghodela, KN Patel, VB Kute, HL Trivedi
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Urban and rural population comparison of hepatic profile and associated etiology among children with end-stage renal disease p. 473
SR Shah, MT Alam, SA Shah, A Altaf, M Khan
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