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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2018| January-February  | Volume 21 | Issue 1  

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Greetings from the editorial committee p. 1
Aditya Mitra
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Clinical performance of direct versus indirect composite restorations in posterior teeth: A systematic review p. 2
Rubeena Abdul Azeem, Nivedhitha Malli Sureshbabu
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Biocompatibility and sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate and biodentine as root-end filling material: A systematic review p. 10
Nidhi Pravinchandra Solanki, Kishan Karkala Venkappa, Nimisha Chinmay Shah
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Effect of surface protection on the permeability of eroded dentin p. 16
Vivian Leite Martins, Rodrigo Vitoria da Costa Ramos, Max José Pimenta Lima, Roberto Paulo Correia de Ara, Andrea Nóbrega Cavalcanti
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Cytotoxicity of gypsum-based biomaterial for direct pulp capping using stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth p. 21
Hasan Subhi, Fazal Reza, Adam Husein, Asma Abdullah Nurul
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Protocols for sodium ascorbate application on intracoronary dentin bleached with high-concentrated agent p. 26
Thiago Vinicius Cortez, Isabella Rodrigues Ziotti, Renata Siqueira Scatolin, Silmara Aparecida Milori Corona, Aline Evangelista Souza-Gabriel
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Cone-beam computed tomography evaluation of curved root canals prepared using reciprocal rotary files and rotational rotary files p. 32
Angsana Jainaen, Nipitporn Mahakunakorn, Uthaiwan Arayatrakullikit, Pipop Sutthiprapaporn, Rajda Noisombat
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An ex vivo evaluation of effect of dentin pretreatment with various agents for varying time intervals on the shear bond strength of resin p. 37
Nidhi Bharti, Anil Chandra, AP Tikku, Promila Verma, Ramesh Bharti, Vijay Kumar Shakya, Rhythm Bains
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Antibacterial activity of dental restorative material: An in vitro study p. 42
Nishmitha N Hegde, Shruthi H Attavar, Mithra N Hegde, G Priya
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Evaluation of degree of conversion and the effect of thermal aging on the color stability of resin cements and flowable composite p. 47
Lúcia Trazzi Prieto, Cíntia Tereza Pimenta de Araújo, Josué Junior Araujo Pierote, Dayane Carvalho Ramos Salles de Oliveira, Erick Kamiya Coppini, Luís Alexandre Maffei Sartini Paulillo
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Resistance to fracture of teeth instrumented using novel EndoStar E5 rotary versus ProTaper NEXT and WaveOne file systems p. 52
Ajinkya M Pawar, Mansing G Pawar, Bhagyashree Thakur, Kulwinder Singh Banga, Alexander Maniangat Luke
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Radiographic and micro-computed tomography classification of root canal morphology and dentin thickness of mandibular incisors p. 57
Camila Galleti Espir, Camila Almeida Nascimento, Juliane Maria Guerreiro-Tanomaru, Idomeo Bonetti-Filho, Mário Tanomaru-Filho
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Cone-beam computed tomographic evaluation of remaining dentin thickness in bifurcated roots of maxillary first premolars after rotary instrumentation and post space preparation: An in vitro study p. 63
Shivani Mangal, Sylvia Mathew, BV Sreenivasa Murthy, Shruthi Nagaraja, K Dinesh, Poornima Ramesh
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A comparative evaluation of effect of modern-curing lights and curing modes on conventional and novel-resin monomers p. 68
Konda Karthik Roy, Kanumuru Pavan Kumar, Gijo John, Sujatha Gopal Sooraparaju, Surya Kumari Nujella, Kyatham Sowmya
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Development of a dual-cure mineral trioxide aggregate-based cement: Biological, physical, and mechanical properties p. 74
Laura Siqueira Pintado, Eliana do Nascimento Torre, Maicon dos Santos Selayaran, Rodrigo Varella de Carvalho, Cesar Henrique Zanchi, Fábio Renato Manzolli Leite, Adriana Etges
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Comparison of anti-bacterial efficiency of ibuprofen, diclofenac, and calcium hydroxide against Enterococcus faecalis in an endodontic model: An in vitro study p. 80
Sherin Jose Chockattu, BS Deepak, K Mallikarjun Goud
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Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of marginal adaptation of AH-plus, GuttaFlow, and RealSeal at apical one-third of root canals – Part I: Dentin-sealer interface p. 85
Sakshi Jain, Haridas Das Adhikari
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Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of marginal adaptation of AH-Plus, GuttaFlow, and RealSeal at apical one-third of root canals – Part II: Core-sealer interface p. 90
Haridas Das Adhikari, Sakshi Jain
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Comparative evaluation of the effect of 10% sodium ascorbate, 10% hesperidin, 1% riboflavin 5 phosphate, collagen cross-linkers, on the pushout bond strength of fiber postluted to radicular dentin: In vitro study p. 95
Kosha Jain, Lotika Beri, Kunal Kunjir, Nikhil Borse, Neha Neekhara, Aishwarya Kadam
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Effect of different antioxidants on reversing compromised resin bond strength after enamel bleaching: An in vitro study p. 100
Hulas Gogia, Sonali Taneja, Mohit Kumar, Sonal Soi
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Internal tunneling resorption associated with invasive cervical resorption p. 105
Pallav Mahesh Patni, Pradeep Jain, Sumeet Jain, Hemalatha Hiremath, Rolly Agarwal, Mona Jain Patni
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Dens invaginatus with necrotic pulp in a right maxillary lateral incisor with preserved vitality p. 109
Lanza Alessandro, Di Francesco Fabrizio, De Marco Gennaro, Di Stasio Dario, Guidetti Eugenio, Perillo Letizia, Femiano Luigi, Femiano Felice
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