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Noise and Health

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2011| November-December  | Volume 13 | Issue 55  

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Risk of hypertension related to road traffic noise among reproductive-age women p. 371
Inga Bendokiene, Regina Grazuleviciene, Audrius Dedele
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Speech understanding in noise with integrated in-ear and muff-style hearing protection systems p. 378
Sharon M Abel, Ann Nakashima, Douglas Saunders
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A four-part setting on examining the anxiety-provoking capacity of the sound of dental equipment p. 385
Hai Ming Wong, Cheuk Ming Mak, Ying Feng Xu
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The efficacy of N-acetylcysteine to protect the human cochlea from subclinical hearing loss caused by impulse noise: A controlled trial p. 392
Ann-Cathrine Lindblad, Ulf Rosenhall, Ĺke Olofsson, Björn Hagerman
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High-frequency audiometry: A means for early diagnosis of noise-induced hearing loss p. 402
Amir H Mehrparvar, Seyyed J Mirmohammadi, Abbas Ghoreyshi, Abolfazl Mollasadeghi, Ziba Loukzadeh
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Gender perspectives in psychometrics related to leisure time noise exposure and use of hearing protection p. 407
Stephen Widén, Margareta Bohlin, Ingemar Johansson
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Vuvuzela media coverage during the 2010 FIFA soccer world cup tournament: Impact on raising awareness of noise-induced hearing loss p. 415
Lebogang Ramma
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Noise-induced tinnitus: A comparison between four clinical groups without apparent hearing loss p. 423
Ann-Cathrine Lindblad, Björn Hagerman, Ulf Rosenhall
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Increased vitamin plasma levels in Swedish military personnel treated with nutrients prior to automatic weapon training p. 432
CG Le Prell, AC Johnson, AC Lindblad, Ĺ Skjönsberg, M Ulfendahl, K Guire, GE Green, K.C.M Campbell, JM Miller
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Ambient noise levels in the chemotherapy clinic p. 444
Dana K Gladd, Gabrielle H Saunders
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Effect of vitamin E supplementation on carbogen-induced amelioration of noise induced hearing loss in man p. 452
Neeru Kapoor, Kumar Vyonkesh Mani, Radhey Shyam, Raj Kumar Sharma, Ambika Prasad Singh, William Selvamurthy
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Impact of wind turbine noise in The Netherlands p. 459
Edwin Verheijen, Jan Jabben, Eric Schreurs, Kevin B Smith
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