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Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing

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2016| April-June  | Volume 3 | Issue 2  

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Special issue on the impact of cancer on patients and their families p. 115
Janelle Levesque
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Cancer care and the role of psychosocial oncology: Where are we and where are we going? p. 118
Barry D Bultz
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Raising the awareness of undergraduate nurses to the psychosocial impact of living with cancer: A consumer engagement in teaching initiative p. 121
Lana Zannettino, Jan Thompson, Julie Marker, Stephanie Agius
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A review on cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of psychosocial care in cancer patients p. 125
Femke Jansen, Valesca van Zwieten, Veerle M. H. Coupe, C Rene Leemans, Irma M Verdonck-de Leeuw
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Telomeres and stress: Promising avenues for research in psycho-oncology p. 137
Eleanor Law, Afaf Girgis, Lambert Sylvie, Janelle Levesque, Hilda Pickett
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Integrative review of the supportive care needs of Arab people affected by cancer p. 148
Ibrahim Alananzeh, Janelle Levesque, Cannas Kwok, Bronwyn Everett
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The effectiveness of support groups in Asian breast cancer patients: An integrative review p. 157
Fang-Yu Chou, Frances Lee-Lin, Lily Y Kuang
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A prospective study of the relationship between psychological factors and breast cancer p. 170
Tso-Ying Lee, Mei-Ling Yeh
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Psychological stress and coping in recently discharged postsurgical cancer patients p. 176
Ai Taniguchi, Michiyo Mizuno
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Relationships between death anxiety and quality of life in Iranian patients with cancer p. 183
Mohammad A Soleimani, Rebecca H Lehto, Reza Negarandeh, Nasim Bahrami, Hamid Sharif Nia
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In Asian americans, is having a family member diagnosed with cancer associated with fatalistic beliefs? p. 192
Carolee Polek, Thomas Hardie
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Emotional aspects and pranayama in breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy: A randomized controlled trial p. 199
Jyothi Chakrabarty, MS Vidyasagar, Donald Fernandes, Sreemathi Mayya
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A brief encounter with the middle east: A narrative of one Muslim woman diagnosed with breast cancer p. 205
Lea Baider, Gil Goldzweig
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