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Journal of Global Infectious Diseases

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2012| January-March  | Volume 4 | Issue 1  

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State of the Globe: The relationship between male circumcision and genitourinary infections p. 1
Ahmed Nasr
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Male circumcision and HIV: Do all roads lead to Rome? p. 4
Maximo O Brito
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Increased likelihood of bacterial pathogens in the coronal sulcus and urethra of uncircumcised men in a diverse group of HIV infected and uninfected patients in India p. 6
John A Schneider, Sreenivasan Vadivelu, Chuanhong Liao, Shivani R Kandukuri, Bhavesh V Trikamji, Eugene Chang, Dionysis Antonopoulos, SV Prasad, Vemu Lakshmi
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Prevalence and risk factors of intestinal helminth infection among rural Malay children p. 10
Lim Boon Huat, Amal K Mitra, Noor Izani Noor Jamil, Pim Chau Dam, Hamid Jan Jan Mohamed, Wan Abdul Manan Wan Muda
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International nosocomial infection control consortium findings of device-associated infections rate in an intensive care unit of a Lebanese university hospital p. 15
SS Kanj, ZA Kanafani, N Sidani, L Alamuddin, N Zahreddine, VD Rosenthal
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Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalis from vaginal specimens by wet mount microscopy, in pouch TV culture system, and PCR p. 22
Madhumati J Patil, Jyoti M Nagamoti, Sharada C Metgud
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Enterococcal bacteremia is associated with prolonged stay in the medical intensive care unit p. 26
Viju Moses, Jayakumar Jerobin, Anupama Nair, Sowmya Sathyendara, Veeraraghavan Balaji, Ige Abraham George, John Victor Peter
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Application of polymerase chain reaction to detect Burkholderia pseudomallei and Brucella species in buffy coat from patients with febrile illness among rural and peri-urban population p. 31
Balaji Nandagopal, Sathish Sankar, Karthikeyan Lingesan, KC Appu, Gopalan Sridharan, Anilkumar Gopinathan
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Assessment of Helicobacter pylori prevalence by scorpion real-time PCR in chronic tonsillitis patients p. 38
T Naserpour Farivar, AA Pahlevan, P Johari, F Safdarian, M Aslani Mehr, R Najafipour, F Ahmadpour
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Analyzing a potential drug target N-myristoyltransferase of Plasmodium falciparum through in silico approaches p. 43
Amit Kumar Banerjee, Neelima Arora, USN Murty
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An investigation of an outbreak of viral hepatitis B in Modasa town, Gujarat, India p. 55
Disha A Patel, Praveg A Gupta, Deepa M Kinariwala, Hetal S Shah, Grishma R Trivedi, Mahendra M Vegad
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Oral myiasis is a potential risk in patients with special health care needs p. 60
Akhilesh Sharma
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Nanotechnology applications to HIV vaccines and microbicides p. 62
Sandhya Boyapalle, Subhra Mohapatra, Shyam Mohapatra
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Infection control during filoviral hemorrhagic fever outbreaks p. 69
N Raabe Vanessa, Borchert Matthias
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Suprasellar tuberculoma presenting as sudden onset blindness in a patient of lupus p. 75
Rudrajit Paul, Amit K Banerjee, Ramtanu Bandyopadhyay
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Mycobacterium chelonae infection of the parotid gland p. 79
Hamid S Shaaban, Sharma L Bishop, Laila Menon, Jihad Slim
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Recurrent sepsis due to Bacillus licheniformis p. 82
Irina A Haydushka, Nadya Markova, Vesselina Kirina, Maria Atanassova
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A 12-year-old child with trichinellosis, pyomyositis and secondary osteomyelitis p. 84
Sudesh Pebam, Vijay Goni, Sandeep Patel, Vishal Kumar, Saurabh Rawall, Kamal Bali
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Salmonella paratyphi neck abscess p. 89
Bijayini Behera, Jagadishwar Goud, A Kamlesh, Yashwant K Thakur
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Similarity in the isolation rate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for new and treated cases of tuberculosis in sputum specimens preserved under cetylpyridinium chloride p. 90
Philip Raj Abraham, Sanjay M Kasetty, VD Sharma, Channappa T Shivannavar
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