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Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology

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2018| April-June  | Volume 25 | Issue 2  

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Ocular oncology: Saving sight, saving lives p. 59
Ahmet Kaan Gündüz
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Orbital metastases: When to suspect? When to biopsy? p. 60
Richard Cutler Allen
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Choroidal melanoma resection p. 65
Hany S Hamza, Abdelrahman M Elhusseiny
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Idiopathic orbital inflammation: Review of literature and new advances p. 71
Yağmur Seda Yeşiltaş, Ahmet Kaan Gündüz
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Uveal metastasis: Clinical features and survival outcome of 2214 tumors in 1111 patients based on primary tumor origin p. 81
Carol L Shields, R Joel Welch, Kunal Malik, Luis A Acaba-Berrocal, Evan B Selzer, Jennifer H Newman, Eileen L Mayro, Alexandru B Constantinescu, Meredith A Spencer, Mark P McGarrey, Austen N Knapp, Alexander E Graf, Alex J Altman, Sean P Considine, Jerry A Shields
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Staging uveal melanoma with whole-body positron-emission tomography/computed tomography and abdominal ultrasound: Low incidence of metastatic disease, high incidence of second primary cancers p. 91
Victoria M L Cohen, Efthymia Pavlidou, Joanna Costa, Amit K Arora, Teressa Szyszko, Mandeep S Sagoo, Peter Szlosarek
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Characteristics and factors related to eyelid basal cell carcinoma in Saudi Arabia p. 96
Manar Al Wohaib, Reem Al Ahmadi, Dalal Al Essa, Azza Maktabbi, Rajiv Khandekar, Eman Al Sharif, Hind Al Katan, Silvana Artioli Schellini, Osama Al Shaikh
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Outcome analysis of visual acuity and side effect after ruthenium-106 plaque brachytherapy for medium-sized choroidal melanoma p. 103
Tahra AlMahmoud, Sean Quinlan-Davidson, Gregory R Pond, Jean Deschênes
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Hand-held optical coherence tomography monitoring of submillimeter retinoblastoma treated with indocyanine green-enhanced transpupillary therapy p. 108
Meredith A Spencer, R Joel Welch, Carol L Shields
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Botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma of the conjunctiva in a young boy p. 111
Justin D Pennington, R Joel Welch, Sara E Lally, Jerry A Shields, Ralph C Eagle, Carol L Shields
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Iris melanoma in a child simulating juvenile xanthogranuloma p. 115
Jerry A Shields, Carol L Shields, Sara E Lally, Tatyana Milman, Ralph C Eagle
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