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International Journal of Yoga

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2017| September-December  | Volume 10 | Issue 3  

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Electrons in biology p. 113
TM Srinivasan
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Cardiopulmonary and metabolic effects of yoga in healthy volunteers p. 115
T Satheesh Divya, MT Vijayalakshmi, K Mini, K Asish, M Pushpalatha, Varun Suresh
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Impact of yoga on periodontal disease and stress management p. 121
Archika Sudhanshu, Urvi Sharma, HS Vadiraja, Rakesh Kumar Rana, Richa Singhal
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Sleep quality and body composition variations in obese male adults after 14 weeks of yoga intervention: A randomized controlled trial p. 128
PB Rshikesan, Pailoor Subramanya, Deepeshwar Singh
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Investigation of yoga pranayama and vedic mathematics on mindfulness, aggression and emotion regulation p. 138
Vasant Venkatraman Shastri, Alex Hankey, Bhawna Sharma, Sanjib Patra
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Assessment for efficacy of additional breathing exercises over improvement in health impairment due to asthma assessed using St. George's respiratory questionnaire p. 145
Dipti Agarwal, Prem Parkash Gupta, Sushma Sood
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Diabetes mellitus type 2 and yoga: Electro photonic imaging perspective p. 152
Romesh Kumar Bhat, Ramesh Mavathur, TM Srinivasan
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Yoga in print media: Missing the heart of the practice p. 160
Heather Freeman, Nadezhda Vladagina, Elika Razmjou, Christiane Brems
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Effectiveness of music therapy on focused attention, working memory and stress in Type 2 diabetes: An exploratory study p. 167
Indira Tumuluri, Shantala Hegde, HR Nagendra
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Book review: Kundalini – an untold story p. 171
Melukote Krishnamurthy Sridhar
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