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European Journal of General Dentistry

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2014| January-April  | Volume 3 | Issue 1  

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Dental amalgam-time to move on p. 1
Nairn H. F. Wilson, Christopher D Lynch
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Pulpectomy procedures in primary molar teeth p. 3
Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
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Bisphosphonates and the field of dentistry p. 11
Farzeen Tanwir, Ali Abid Mirza, Dania Tauseef, Amber Mahar
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The influence of different mixing methods on the dimensional stability and surface detail reproduction of two different brands of irreversible hydrocolloids p. 17
Ahmet Kursad Culhaoglu, Ali Zaimoglu, Evrim Dogan, Serhat Emre Ozkir
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Insights into functional tea infused-chitosan hydrogels as potential bio-active restorative materials p. 22
Tamara V Perchyonok, Shengmiao Zhang, Sias Grobler, Theunis Oberholzer, Oberholzer Massey
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Periodontal status of Tibetan refugees residing in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India p. 29
Poonam Mahajan, KL Veeresha, Ajay Mahajan
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Can dentin surfaces be bonded safely with total-etch and self-etch systems? p. 34
Mehmet Akin, Zeliha Muge Baka, Zehra Ileri, Faruk Ayhan Basciftci
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Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of two commercially available controlled-release drugs-chlorhexidine gel (CHLO-SITE) TM and tetracycline fibers (periodontal plus AB) TM as an adjunct to scaling root planning in the treatment of chronic periodontitis p. 39
Harpreet Singh Grover, Amit Bhardwaj, Himanshu Dadlani, Anil Yadav, Yaswin Singh
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Cytogenetic biomonitoring of premalignant and malignant oral lesions by micronuclei assessment: A screening evaluation p. 46
Shally Khanna, Anupam Purwar, Narendra Nath Singh, Gadiputi Sreedhar, Shailendra Singh, Saurabh Bhalla
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Forensic importance of maxillary sinus in gender determination: A morphometric analysis from Western Uttar Pradesh, India p. 53
Ruhi Sidhu, Sunira Chandra, Parvathi Devi, Neeraj Taneja, Kunal Sah, Navdeep Kaur
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Insights into and relative effect of chitosan-krill oil, chitosan-H-aspirin, chitosan-H-krill oil-nystatin and chitosan-H-krill oil-aspirin-nystatin on dentin bond strength and functional drug delivery capacity: In-vitro studies p. 57
Victoria Tamara Perchyonok, Shengmiao Zhang, Sias R Grobler, Theunis G Oberholzer, Ward Massey
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Transparent tooth model: A study of root canal morphology using different reagents p. 66
Bhavana Gupta, Babusha Tiwari, Vineet Raj, Bina Kashyap, Shaleen Chandra, Nidhi Dwivedi
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An illusionary prosthetic design for a unilateral cleft palate patient p. 71
Andaš Barkın Bavbek, Ahmet Kursad Culhaoglu
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Endodontic management of horizontal root fractures in maxillary central incisors p. 75
Kothandaraman Sathyanarayanan
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Pigmented natal teeth p. 79
Nesrin Saruhan, Tevfik Demirci, Ertan Yalcin
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Management of muslim dental patient while fasting p. 82
Faizal C Peedikayil, Abraham Thomas, MC Naushad, Arun Narayanan
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Personalized dentistry p. 85
Sandhya Maheshwari, Sanjeev Kumar Verma, A Balamani, KC Prabhat
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Cardamom and oral health p. 86
Shailee Fotedar, Vikas Fotedar
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