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Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry

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2016| July-August  | Volume 6 | Issue 4  

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Distant metastasis from oral cancer: A review and molecular biologic aspects p. 265
Soussan Irani
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Adult immunization—Need of the hour p. 272
P Srinivas Chakravarthi, Avani Ganta, Vivekanand S Kattimani, Rahul V. C. Tiwari
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Evaluation of the oral component of Sjögren's syndrome: An overview p. 278
Georges Aoun, Ibrahim Nasseh, Antoine Berberi
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Comparative clinicoradiographical evaluation of effect of aminobisphosphonate (sodium alendronate) on peri-implant bone status: Controlled clinical trial p. 285
Rajni Aggarwal, Prashant Babaji, S Senthil Nathan, George Attokaran, SM Santosh Kumar, Sharanpriya Sathnoorkar
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Evaluation of developmental dental anomalies in digital panoramic radiographs in Southeast Iranian Population p. 291
Eshagh Ali Saberi, Sediqe Ebrahimipour
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Sleep quality among dental students and its association with academic performance p. 296
Marwa I Elagra, Mohammad R Rayyan, Omaima A Alnemer, Maram S Alshehri, Noor S Alsaffar, Rabab S Al-Habib, Zainab A Almosajen
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Evaluation of surface detail reproduction, dimensional stability and gypsum compatibility of monophase polyvinyl-siloxane and polyether elastomeric impression materials under dry and moist conditions p. 302
Sriharsha Babu Vadapalli, Kaleswararao Atluri, Madhu Sudhan Putcha, Sirisha Kondreddi, N Suman Kumar, Durga Prasad Tadi
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Outcome of premolar extractions on Bolton's overall ratio and tooth size discrepancies in South India p. 309
Shaji T Varghese, Purushothama R Yerasi, Lijo K Jose, TP Mohammed Haris, Tom Mathew, Kranti K. R. Ealla
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Forensic revolution need maintenance of dental records of patients by the dentists: A descriptive study p. 316
Anamika Gupta, Gaurav Mishra, Hemant Bhutani, Chetan Hoshing, Ashish Bhalla
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An in-vitro comparative study for assessment of apical sealing ability of Epiphany/AH Plus sealer with Resilon/gutta-percha root canal filling materials p. 321
Meraj Sultana, Mohammad A Musani, Iffat M Ahmed
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Mean values of Arnett's soft tissue analysis in Maratha ethnic (Indian) population — A cephalometric study p. 327
Shikha Singh, Sonali Deshmukh, Varsha Merani, Neeta Rejintal
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Assessment of oral health status and treatment needs of Santhal tribes of Dhanbad District, Jharkhand p. 338
Gunjan Kumar, Ranjan Mani Tripathi, CL Dileep, Megha Trehan, Shitanshu Malhotra, Pallavi Singh
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Comparison of the microhardness of primary and permanent teeth after immersion in two types of carbonated beverages p. 344
Hamid R Haghgou, Roza Haghgoo, Fatemah Molla Asdollah
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Evaluation of body weight, body mass index, and body fat percentage changes in early stages of fixed orthodontic therapy p. 349
K Sai Sandeep, Gowri Sankar Singaraju, V Karunakar Reddy, Prasad Mandava, Venkata N Bhavikati, Rohit Reddy
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Perception of dental visit pictures in children with autism spectrum disorder and their caretakers: A qualitative study p. 359
Witriana L Wibisono, Margaretha Suharsini, Tjhin Wiguna, Budiharto Sudiroatmodjo, Sarworini B Budiardjo, Elza I Auerkari
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Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis, fluoride release, and antimicrobial properties of glass ionomer cements indicated for atraumatic restorative treatment p. 366
Sudhanshu Saxena, Sonia Tiwari
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Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of glass fiber reinforced, carbon, and quartz post in endodontically treated teeth: An in-vitro study p. 373
Shweta Sharma, George Attokaran, Kunwar S Singh, Jeethu J Jerry, Naima Ahmed, Nirban Mitra
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A comparison of apical sealing ability between GuttaFlow and AH plus: An in vitro study p. 377
Prajakta Patil, Vishnu P. S. Rathore, Chetan Hotkar, Snehal S Savgave, K Raghavendra, Priya Ingale
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Prosthetic rehabilitation in patient with achalasia cardia — A rare case report p. 383
Sudheer Kondaka, Bathala L Rao, Juturi R Reddy, Rajesh Akula
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Parry–Romberg syndrome affecting one half of the body p. 387
Jugajyoti Pathi, Pallavi Mishra, Harish Kumar, Abikshyeet Panda
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Retraction: Effectiveness of chemomechanical caries removal agents Papacarie®and Carie-Care™ in primary molars: An in vitro study p. 391
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Erratum: Evaluation of serum sialic acid, fucose levels and their ratio in oral squamous cell carcinoma p. 392
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