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Journal of Medical Physics

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2012| October-December  | Volume 37 | Issue 4  

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Why are we still in the 1950s regarding management of cancer of uterine cervix ? p. 171
KR Das
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Image-guided radiation therapy: Physician's perspectives p. 174
T Gupta, C Anand Narayan
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Dosimetric verification of source strength for HDR afterloading units with Ir-192 and Co-60 photon sources: Comparison of three different international protocols p. 183
Hasin A Azhari, Frank Hensley, Wilhelm Schütte, Golam A Zakaria
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Fidelity of dose delivery at high dose rate of volumetric modulated arc therapy in a truebeam linac with flattening filter free beams p. 193
Georgios Kalantzis, Jianguo Qian, Bin Han, Gary Luxton
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Modification of the gamma function for the recognition of over- and under-dose regions in three dimensions p. 200
Mohammad Mohammadi, Nima Rostampour, Thomas P Rutten
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Homogeneity Index: An objective tool for assessment of conformal radiation treatments p. 207
Tejinder Kataria, Kuldeep Sharma, Vikraman Subramani, KP Karrthick, Shyam S Bisht
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Patient dose analysis in total body irradiation through in vivo dosimetry p. 214
K Ganapathy, P. G. G. Kurup, V Murali, M Muthukumaran, N Bhuvaneshwari, J Velmurugan
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Dosimetric comparison between the microSelectron HDR 192 Ir v2 source and the BEBIG 60 Co source for HDR brachytherapy using the EGSnrc Monte Carlo transport code p. 219
M Anwarul Islam, MM Akramuzzaman, GA Zakaria
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Evaluation and comparison of human absorbed dose of 90 Y-DOTA-Cetuximab in various age groups based on distribution data in rats p. 226
Ariandokht Vakili, Amir Reza Jalilian, Alireza Khorrami Moghadam, Maryam Ghazi-Zahedi, Bahram Salimi
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Radiotherapy pre-treatment dose validation: A second verification of monitor units (MU) with a commercial software p. 235
Iqbal Al Amri, Ramamoorthy Ravichandran, Somangili Satyamoorthi Sivakumar, Johnson Pichi Binukumar, Chirayathmanjiyil Antony Davis, Zakia Al Rahbi, Khalsa Al Shukeili, Fatima Al Kindi
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Status of radiation protection at different hospitals in Nepal p. 240
Kanchan P Adhikari, LN Jha, Montenegro P Galan
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